Special Characters

From time to time, special characters are used in web pages for various things. Adding empty space characters, putting the left and right brackets in a document, etc.

If you have gone through this whole web site looking at the various examples of the different tags I have used, you will notice the use of these special characters. When I have typed examples of the codes I have used the < and the > symbol to enclose the tags in the examples. Otherwise, the browser you are using will attempt to use the tag being discussed. To generate the less than and greater than symbol use the following code: "&lt;" or "&gt;".

Remember that the browser will delete all but one space between characters. To pad a line with a series of spaces, non breaking space, use the following code: "&NBSP;"

Note: each of these tags must begin with the "&" (ampersand) and end with the ";" (semicolon).

There are many more different special HTML codes available for use. Check out some of the web tutorials or a site that has a complete listing of HTML tags.