General Charles A. Horner Awards
The Horner Award

The Horner Award is presented to the individual who has researched, written, and published the most original contribution to the understanding of Air Force counter-WMD or nuclear enterprise issues during the year. A call for submissions for all interested participants within the United States will take place in December 2013.

Previous individuals who have won the Horner Award include:

2013 Winner - Lt Col Stephanie J. Buffett
"Tacit Knowledge Involvement in the Production of Nuclear Weapons: A Critical Component of a Credible US Nuclear Deterrent in the 21st Century"
2012 Winner - Anton H. Tran
"An American Vital Interest: Preserving the Nuclear Enterprise Supplier Base"
2011 Winner - Lt Col Todd C. Ericson
"Towards a Fail-Safe Air Force Culture: Creating a Resilient Future While Avoiding Past Mistakes"
2010 Winner - Col Kenneth E. Hall
"The Dangerous Decline in the United States Military's Infectious Disease Vaccine Program"
2009 Winner - Lt Col David M. Mason
"Directed Energy Weapon System for Ballistic Missile Defense"
2008 Winner - Col Jonathan M. Owens
"Precision Global Strike: Is There a Role for the Navy Conventional Trident Modification or the Air Force Conventional Strike Missile?"
2006 Winner - Col Stephen E. Shea
"Analysis of USAF Counter-Chemical Weapons Concept of Operations Relative to Alternate Delivery Methods and Fourth Generation Chemical Warfare Agents"
2005 Winner - Lt Col Phillip R. Howard
"Making the National Response Plan Work: Force Integration and the National Guard"
2004 Winner - Lt Col Mark W. Ellis
"Preemptive and Preventive Strikes: a WMD Conundrum"
2003 Winner - Dr Roger Golden
"The Threat of Bioterrorism from Domestic U.S. Terrorist Groups"
2002 Winner - Lt Col Ross A. Victor
"The SOF Contribution to Counterforce: Desert Storm Case Study and Implications for the Future"