The Thomas "Dutch" Miller Award
The Miller Award

The Miller Award is presented to the Air University faculty or student who has researched, written, and published on the most immediately relevant and important Air Force counter-WMD or nuclear enterprise issue during the year. A call for submissions for all interested participants will take place in December 2013.

Previous individuals who have won the Miller Award include:

2013 Winner - CDR Christopher G. Bohner
"The Inadvertent Effect of Assurance on Nuclear Proliferation"
2012 Winner - Col Thomas G. Klopotek
"Loose Words, Not Nukes - The Impact of U.S. Nuclear Force Structure Debate on NATO Perceptions of Extended Deterrence"
2011 Winner - Lt Col Stephen G. Hoffman
"Bureaucracy vs. Bioterrorism: Countering a Globalized Threat"
2010 Winner - Lt Col David J. Baylor
"Considerations for U.S. Nuclear Force Structure Below a 1,000 Warhead Limit"
2009 Winner - Lt Col James C. Mercer
"Federal Response to a Domestic Nuclear Attack"
2008 Winner - Lt Col Joel T. Hanson
"Radiological Dispersal Device Primer: From a Terrorist's Perspective"
2007 Winner - Lt Col Fred P. Stone
"The "Worried Well" Response to CBRN Events: Analysis and Solutions"
2006 Winner - LTC (P) Richard A. Starkey
"Cruise Missile Threats to Our Homeland: Are We Ready?"
2005 Winner - Col Robert I. Miller
"The Impact of Quarantine on Military Operations"
2004 Winner - Lt Col James R. Ayers
"Crossroad of the Apocalypse: Al Qaeda's Pursuit and Possible Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction"
2003 Winner - Ms Dorothy L. Dubois
"Pointing the Finger: Unclassified Methods to Identify Covert Biological Warfare"
2002 Winner - Col Michael J. Ainscough
"Next Generation Bioweapons: Genetic Engineering and BW"