Air Command and Staff College Electives
Arms Control and Treaties

With the continuous threat from the proliferation of WMD technologies and weapons this course is designed to educate civilian and military members on Arms Control and Nonproliferation activities. The lessons are intended to enhance each participant's knowledge of the development, production, stockpiling, proliferation, and usage of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological weapons, and arms control programs and treaties designed to stop proliferation.

ACSC Extended Research Program (Spring Semester)

This program provides field-grade officers the opportunity to select a subject and conduct research in order to develop good research skills, to think critically, plan accurately, and write intelligently. The ability to think critically - to gather information, analyze it, and draw solutions - is an essential staff skill for field-grade officers. Students prepare a developed thesis, methodology, literature review, outline, and preliminary bibliography for their research. The final product is a well written 5,000-word or approximately 25-page essay.