Nuclear College
AF Nuclear Certification Process Course

Covers all aspects of the Design and Operational certification requirements process throughout all phases of a nuclear weapon system's life cycle, including coverage of equipment and software certification. This is a two day, in-residence core course. In-residence reservations can be made via the AFNWC website.

Nuclear 300 - Advanced Nuclear Concepts

The purpose of the Nuclear 300 course covers nuclear history and lifecycle, nuclear effects and surety, nuclear policy/strategy, the US Nuclear Enterprise, nuclear incident response, and stockpile sustainment. The focus of this course is for 'core nuclear' individuals at the 9+ year point working in the nuclear enterprise at the NAF Division Chief level, MAJCOM Branch Chief level or HAF/Joint 04 AO level or higher. Also, for nuclear AFSC Sq/CCs that have not attended before selection for command. This course should be attended by E8-E9, O4-06 NAF, MAJCOM, HAF AO's; O4-O5 Squadron Leadership and Civilian equivilents. This five day is conducted at the Nuclear Weapons Center, Kirtland AFB, NM.

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Nuclear 200 - AF Nuclear Fundamentals Course

A four day, in-residence course designed to enhance awareness of the USAF nuclear mission; the course covers nuclear weapon fundamentals, force structure, nuclear stockpile guidance and planning, the DoD nuclear surety program, the nuclear community, and current issues related to the USAF's nuclear mission. Attendance is controlled by MAJCOM quota allocations. For MAJCOM POC information, please contact the nuclear college registrar or course content manager.

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Nuclear 400 - Senior Leader Nuclear Management

The focus of this two day nuclear issues course is for senior leaders working internal to the nuclear enterprise in an O6 level HAF/MAJCOM 3 ltr billet or E9 in similar functional expert billet or Flag Officers and SESs that have nuclear responsibilities anywhere in their portfolio of responsibilities. Attendance is by invitation. Offered twice a year at Kirtland AFB.

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