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    Department of Strategy

    picture The Department of Strategy recruits, retains, and develops quality faculty and staff to develop and deliver current and relevant graduate-level curriculum; to conduct and advise research and publications that are relevant to national security; and, to perform service and outreach that results in mission accomplishment and enhances strategic communications in order to educate and develop critical-thinking leaders to better serve our nation and our interests.

    picture The Department of Strategy (DES) develops and presents the core course Foundations of Strategy (FS). DES Faculty also develop and offer elective courses each year on topics such as command, ethics, leading change, civil military relations, coercive airpower, coalition warfare, irregular warfare, genocide, and military privatization.

    The FS core course is designed to develop senior leaders who can: think incisively about, develop and implement strategy at the highest levels of war in the context of national policy objectives and available resources; work comfortably while considering a broad range of strategic issues which constantly change depending upon a range of circumstances at the local, national and international level; and work effectively in a joint and multi-national environment. The course pays special attention to strategy development for the venues of air and space, and to the impact of air power on national and military strategy. The course uses seminar discussions, readings, lectures, case studies, practical exercises, and student-written (and briefing) products to facilitate the evaluation of various themes such as the challenges of strategy development, strategy implementation and strategy analysis, the influence of politics across the full spectrum of warfare, the importance of local circumstances, the challenges of converting military victory into political success, the challenges of coalition warfare, and the challenges of warfare in an age of information and globalization. The course also serves as the foundation for further study in other resident courses that examine the national security decision-making process and the application of military power as a means to attain national objectives.

    Grand Strategy Program (GSP)

    The Department of Strategy also sponsors Air War College's Grand Strategy Program (GSP). The GSP is a more intense course of study for 10-15 hand-selected students seeking a deeper understanding of the development and implementation of grand strategy than can be attained through the main AWC curriculum. The program examines the historical practice of the strategic art, the challenges of leadership and innovation at the strategic level, the relationship between military instruments of power and national political objectives, and the interplay of global and regional security trends. Students apply for the GSP program during the first few weeks after classes begin, and begin meeting in the GSP classroom near the completion of the FS curriculum. GSP students also participate in the Hap Arnold Lecture Series.

    Additional information on GSP, including how to apply for it if you are an incoming student.

    For descriptions of individual courses, see AWC Catalog AY13


    Col Ray "Krypto" O'Mara - Department Chair
    Dr. Douglas C. Peifer - Deputy Chair
    Col Mark Brown
    Dr. Jackie Whitt
    Col Rob Douglas
    Col Mark Erickson
    Dr. Howard M. Hensel
    CAPT Todd "Ike" Kiefer, USN
    Dr. Alexander Lassner
    Dr. James A. Mowbray
    Dr. Jeffrey Record
    Dr. John Schuessler
    Col Kyle "Keys" Taylor
    COL Joel Williams, USA
    Dr. Xiaoming Zhang

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