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Welcome to the eSchool of Graduate PME - Air War College division


The distance education programs of the Air War College (AWC), Air Command and Staff College (ACSC), and Squadron Officer College (SOC) are undergoing a transformational effort that will revolutionize Officer Professional Military Education (OPME) in the near future. The strategic imperative is to meet the most recent CSAF vision for education that states,


"Education and training are the foundation of our airpower advantage... We will maximize our Airmen's potential by refining our development programs to move beyond classroom-based instruction and incorporating leading-edge educational concepts."


Additionally, the USAF Strategic Master Plan, May 2014 reads,


"The Air Force will develop Airmen who are critical and creative thinkers by implementing an agile, individually tailored approach to life-long education, and eliminating superfluous demands from already encumbered schedules." 


Our core objective in meeting this visionary guidance will be to deliver high quality, precision distance learning professional education to the "Total Force"--officers and civilian equivalents. The future of OPME will be a continuum of education--a career-long journey for officers and civilian equivalents.


To make this possible Air University stood-up the “eSchool of Graduate PME” on 1 October 2015. The eSchool is committed to developing critically thinking, innovative, and adaptive leaders by delivering the right education to the right person at the right time. Bringing the distance education programs of the Air War College, Air Command and Staff College, and Squadron Officer College together into a cohesive team enables us to better focus on current issues and problem solving, and value our Airman’s time by eliminating redundancies.


So, what does this mean for you? In the near term, it remains business as usual; we will be developing and implementing a four phase plan to make this vision a reality with full operational capability by October 2017.


We look forward to bringing you updates on this transformational effort as we move forward in the coming year. Welcome to the eSchool of Graduate PME!



Dean, eSchool of Graduate PME


Student Support
For the fastest response to requests for assistance, Submit a Ticket under Request Support at www.aueducationsupport.com . You must sign in or create a new account by clicking "Sign In", then log in or select "Create a New Account." You will also find a good list of FAQs on that site that may assist you--select "Air War College (Officer PME Only) Blackboard FAQs" to right side of page. The Air University Student Information System (AUSIS) may be down Wednesdays 0630-0800 CST and Saturdays 1800-2400 CST for scheduled maintenance.
If you have already established your AU Portal and AUSIS accounts, you should have received information on how to access Blackboard. You may access Blackboard at http://awc.blackboard.com

Please note, if you need to change your Blackboard password, USAF systems may block Blackboard emails sent to an af.mil site, so you will need to contact student support by submitting a ticket at www.aueducationsupport.com . You must sign in or create a new account by clicking "Sign In," then log in or select "Create a New Account."
Important Information
AWC DL Registration and Access to AU Portal and AUSIS from non-AFNET computers:
To access AU Portal and AUSIS, you must use an AFNET computer or a CAC Reader. If you are connecting to AU Portal or AUSIS with a non-AFNET computer follow the instructions at the link provided. Note, to access AU Portal or AUSIS from a non-AFNET computer, you will be accessing the systems through AF Portal. Instructions follow: AU Portal Instructions
Prohibition of Unofficial Study Aids for DL Programs:
This prohibition applies to all manner of study aids, test preparation, and notes that are not specifically provided by the school in either paper or electronic form. Please review the policy letter regarding academic integrity.
Civilian Enrollments:
Enrollments for eligible civilians will be accomplished by AWC Distance Learning (AWC/DL). To enroll in AWC/DL, civilians must have a Bachelor's degree and be a GS-13/14/15, NSPS Pay Band 3/4, or DR-III/IV. If you meet these requirements, please email Student Support your most recent SF-50 - Grade and Education pages of your Career Brief. (Log into the Air Force Portal and under quick links you will see AFPC Secure Applications. Once opened, go to "CIVILIAN CAREER BRIEF," click Submit, then select EDUCATION.) In addition to submitting the required eligibility documents, create an AU Portal account.
Air Reserve Component Seminar (ARCS):
AWC ARCS is a blended-learning program for Guard and Reserve officers. The program offers an in-resident experience, using the AWC DL curriculum, to those total force officers without the opportunity or time to attend a resident PME program. For more information on the ARCS program, please see the following link AWC ARCS
Edition 18 Distance Learning Curriculum Flow