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2012 attendees group photo - click to enlarge

Each year the Air War College (AWC) hosts the National Security Forum (NSF). The Secretary of the Air Force sponsors the forum. NSF began in 1954 as an expansion of the Civilian Outreach Seminars held from 1947 through 1949. The purpose of the NSF is to expose influential citizens to senior U.S. and international officers and civilian equivalents in order to engage each otherís ideas and perspectives on Air Force, national and international security issues. It's an opportunity for the AWC students, our future military leaders, to interact with a broad cross-section of civilian leaders from businesses, universities, industry, media, law, the clergy, and state and local governments.

The NSF provides a frank and candid exchange of views on national security matters among our invited guests, Air War College students, and senior military and civilian leaders. The week is devoted to exploring the many issues that affect the current and future security of our country. Specific objectives are:

  1. To provide an extended opportunity for candid engagement of ideas on future and current Air Force, national and international security issues among the Air War College students, faculty, and invited guests of the Secretary of the Air Force.

  2. To provide a unique forum in which experts on various aspects of national and international security may discuss their views with students, faculty, and our guests.

  3. Broaden the perspectives and garner a mutual understanding of Air Force, national and international security issues between our guests and senior U.S. and international officers and civilian equivalents.

Guests are nominated from across the Air Force and by previous attendees. AWC forwards the nominations to the Secretary of the Air Force for his approval and his personal invitation. Specific details for NSF are provided with each nominee's invitation. Budgetary constraints preclude the Air Force from defraying guests' expenses. As a result, guests are responsible for their transportation, lodging and meals.

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