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On behalf of Brig Gen Jeremy T. Sloane and the entire faculty and staff at Air War College (AWC), we would like to extend a hearty welcome and congratulations on your selection to attend the Air War College Resident Program. (please click on the following link to see the Commandant's welcome letter).


ALL US students inbound to AWC must check-in at the Air War College Student Operations office in Bldg 1401, Room 2021 (M-F, 0830-1530) within the reporting dates listed below (plan for 30 minutes for the AWC check-in process). No military uniform or business attire required when checking in.

Class Reporting Dates First 30 Selectees * All Other Students
Report No Earlier Than 1 July 2019 11 July 2019
Report No Later Than 11 July 2019 18 July 2019
Class Start Date 15 July 2019 22 July 2019
In-Processing 15 July 2019 22 July 2019
Class Graduation Date 21 May 2020 21 May 2020

* AWC will notify First 30 selectees of their selection 01 April 2019

Duty Status: Once checked-in, you are considered available for duty, under the oversight of the AWC Dean of Student Operations (DA) and will be placed in casual status. The time after check-in is your time to finalize housing/TMO related issues, receive household goods/move-in, register dependents for school, etc. AWC policy does not authorize leave for HHG delivery once class begins on 22 July 2019 at 0800.

Early Reporting: Only personnel whose PCS orders reflect "Early Reporting Authorized" (ERA) can report prior to their Report No Earlier than Date (RNETD). Prior approval from the AWC Dean of Student Operations is required -- send email to with justification and desired date.

Lodging: University Inn on Maxwell AFB has TLF and VQ facilities for temporary accomodations. Visit their website at for more information and to make reservations.

Housing: To learn more about the Privatized Military Family Housing on base or Housing in the Local Community, contact the Maxwell-Gunter Housing Management Office (HMO) at DSN 493-5718 or commercial (334) 953-5718 or visit their website at . If interested, the base also manages an on-base campground (click on FAMCAMP brochure for details).

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Policy Waiver: Air Force members desiring a BHA waiver are required to submit a BAH Waiver Statement upon arrival to Maxwell AFB. Personnel must meet the criteria outlined in SAF/MR's policy letter dated 4 Mar 02. If member will receive a higher BAH rate at gaining location, he/she does not need to apply for a BAH waiver - the BAH rate will be automatically established for gaining location.

Child Care: AWC students, including federal civilian employees, are authorized use of the on-base Maxwell AFB Child Development Center. For details, visit them at

Schools: For school information, contact the Maxwell AFB School Liaison via e-mail at or DSN 493-3799 / commercial (334) 953-3799. CONTACT EARLY for details about magnet or other special schools, as they often close enrollment early.

Medical Considerations: Maxwell AFB does not have an on-base emergency room. The Maxwell AFB Clinic can only attend to minor injuries on a space-available basis. The Montgomery area is serviced by Baptist Medical Center and Jackson Hospital, and Prattville is serviced by the Prattville Baptist Hospital.

Forwarding Mail: Base post office address is General Delivery Attn: (Your Name) 550 East Maxwell Blvd # 3000, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112.

Local Community: For an overview of the local community, visit and

CLASS START DATE ACTIVITIES - Plan for a full day (23 July 0800-1630)

  • Seminar Room Assignments: In seminar room by 0800, utility uniform or flight suit (plan to arrive 15 minutes early to give yourself time to find your seminar room number).

  • Accountability: Your seminar leader will take roll call and provide accountability to DA by 0815. The remainder of the day will include in-processing and administrative tasks.


    We are revising the AWC Resident Program Handbook. The updated handbook, for your academic year, will be posted prior to your arrival. The current handbook is available on the AWC Facebook page and can provide some good information. Exact contents for the new handbook are subject to change.

    ** Please e-mail us at if you still have any questions**