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Department of International Security Studies
The Department of International Security Studies develops senior leaders who can evaluate today's complex, interdependent, and dynamic international system; develop and assess competing strategies for securing national objectives that integrate joint military, multinational, and multi-agency instruments of power; assess the context and content of the processes used in planning US national security policies; and be prepared to work effectively in the national security decision making arena. Our curriculum consists of three courses: National Security and Decision Making (NS-DM), Regional and Cultural Studies (RCS), and Global Security (GS).
For descriptions of individual courses, see PDF AWC Catalog AY13
Department of International Security Studies:
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Department of Leadership and Warfighting
In the Leadership course, students analyze fundamental concepts, logic, and analytical frameworks used in the development and application of leadership at the senior level in a joint environment. In the Warfighting course, students synthesize current and emerging joint warfighting and enabling capabilities across the range of military operations -- to include special emphasis on the employment and sustainment of Air, Space and Cyberspace forces in a joint, interagency, and multinational military environment. In addition, students synthesize Campaign Design, Theater Campaign Plans, and the Joint Operational Planning Process through which combatant commanders set the military conditions for attaining national and coalition objectives as both a supported and supporting instrument of power.
For descriptions of individual courses, see PDF AWC Catalog AY13
Department of Leadership and War Fighting:
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Department of Strategy
The Department of Strategy recruits, retains, and develops quality faculty and staff to develop and deliver current and relevant graduate-level curriculum; to conduct and advise research and publications that are relevant to national security; and, to perform service and outreach that results in mission accomplishment and enhances strategic communications in order to educate and develop critical-thinking leaders to better serve our nation and our interests. The Department of Strategy (DES) develops and presents the core course Foundations of Strategy (FS). DES Faculty also develop and offer elective courses each year on topics such as command, ethics, leading change, civil military relations, coercive airpower, coalition warfare, irregular warfare, genocide, and military privatization.
For descriptions of individual courses, see PDF AWC Catalog AY13
Department of Strategy:
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