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Welcome to the Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education

The Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education (The Barnes Center) discharges Air University's responsibility for the education of future enlisted leaders throughout the Air Force. Since its inception in 1993, the College for Enlisted PME has been refining, adapting, and deploying PME curriculum for Enlisted education in the world's best Air Force.

The Barnes Center has direct oversight of the AF Enlisted Heritage Research Institute (AFEHRI), the Air Force Senior Noncommisioned Officer Academy (SNCOA), Air Force CONUS Noncommissioned Officer Academies (NCOA), and the Educational Programs Cadre (EPC) while lending guidance to overseas NCOA's and Airman Leadership Schools worldwide.

Edward W. Thomas

The Thomas N. Barnes Center for Enlisted Education


Develop Airmen with a Warrior Ethos and a Passion for Leading in the cause of Freedom.


Provide the continuum of education necessary to inspire and develop enlisted leaders with the moral framework of integrity, service and excellence.


Expand the leadership ability of enlisted leaders and strengthen their commitment to the profession of arms by integrating sound leadership, communication skills, and military studies principles and concepts throughout the ALS, NCOA, and AFSNCOA curricula.

Last Updated: 28 June 2016