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Board Meeting
BOV Meeting at:
Air University (AU)
17-18 November 2014


Interested in Attending a meeting or questions concerning the Board of Visitors?

Phone: (334) 953-2989

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Government in the Sunshine Act of 1976
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Air University Board of Visitors
Meeting Agenda
17-18 November 2014

Purpose of Meeting:

For the AU Board of Visitors (BOV) to review the education, outreach, and research policies and activities of Air University.


Meeting Location:

Air University, Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama


Meeting Materials:

Meeting Materials are linked below for review and to download for off-line reading. Board members should visit this site regularly to review and download the latest meeting materials. No printed material is provided during the board meeting, unless specifically requested.

Meeting Agenda: will be posted prior to meeting
Executive Summaries: will be posted prior to meeting
AU BOV Bylaws  
Briefing Slides: will be posted prior to meeting


Federal Registry Notice:

will be posted prior to meeting



Reservations for Board members will be confirmed for on base lodging: University Inn
450 North LeMay Plaza, Bldg. 682
Maxwell AFB AL 36112
Phone: (334) 953-3931



Board members must contact Ms. Tabitha Martin to schedule travel arrangements or to discuss reimbursement for personal travel. or (334) 953-5159.



Upon arrival to Montgomery, transportation to/from airport and during meeting will be provided. No local taxi or public transportation is necessary for Board members.



Parking is available at lodging and the conference room for members who drive to the meeting.


Technical Information:

Conference rooms have WiFi access and iPads are available for Board member use during the meetings. Board members are encouraged to bring their own electronic device (e.g., laptop, iPad, etc.).


Meeting Expenses:

Airline tickets and lodging are paid by government travel account as well as meals on Monday and Tuesday for Board members. Board members may be reimbursed for travel expenses, such as personally acquired airline tickets (at U.S. Government Rate), mileage/parking at airport or public transportation to/from airport, etc. Please contact Air University Academic Affairs ( or (334) 953-5159) for more information regarding meeting expenses and reimbursements.



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