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Key Air University Educational Staff,  
Commandants, and Commanders

Air University Headquarters

Commander Lt Gen Donald A. Lamontagne
Mobilization Asst to Commander Maj Gen A. Bowen Ballard
Chief Academic Officer Col Orville R. Lind
Information Technology Col James D. Kelley
Director of Staff Col Ronald D. Tabor
Plans and Programs Col Joel T. Greene
Financial Management and Personnel Col Michael D. Holdcraft
Command Chief Master Sergeant CMSgt Kevin Bruch


Air War College Maj Gen David F. MacGhee Jr.
Air Command and Staff College Col (BG select) John T. Sheridan
School of Advanced Airpower Studies Col Stephen D. Chiabotti
Air Force Institute of Technology Col George K. Haritos


Air Force Officer Accession and Training Schools Brig Gen John M. Speigel
Squadron Officer College Col Ann M. Testa
College for Enlisted Professional Military Education Col William B. Shields
College of Aerospace Doctrine Research and Education Col James L. Ruttler Jr.
Community College of the Air Force Col James M. McBride
Ira C. Eaker College for Professional Development Col Henry W. Horton
Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning Col Gary L. Albaugh
Headquarters Civil Air Patrol-US Air Force Col Dennis B. Parkhurst
42d Air Base Wing Col Albert A. Allenback Jr.


Air University Library Dr. Shirley B. Laseter

Direct Reporting Units*

Headquarters Air Force Doctrine Center Maj Gen Lance L. Smith
Air Force Historical Research Agency Col William E. Mathis

* Tenant units not part of the Air University system

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