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College for Enlisted Professional Military Education  
Col William B. Shields, Commander  
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Mission: Prepare the Air Force's enlisted corps for increased responsibilities.

The College for Enlisted Professional Military Education (CEPME) was activated 15 December 1993. The college is responsible for the instructional programs and faculty development for the airman leadership schools (ALS), noncommissioned officer academies (NCOA), and the Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy (AFSNCOA). These schools graduate approximately 42,000 students annually. The college conducts studies of enlisted professional military education (EPME) issues and advises Air Force leadership on EPME matters.

Goal: Expand the leadership ability of enlisted leaders and strengthen their commitment to the profession of arms by integrating sound leadership, communication skills, and military studies principles and concepts throughout the ALS, NCOA, and AFSNCOA curricula.

The College for Enlisted Professional Military Education implements its missions and goals through its resident programs and distance learning programs. The major components of CEPME are the AF Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy, the Educational Programs Cadre, eight NCO academies located in the continental United States, and the Air Force Enlisted Heritage Research Institute.

The college's Educational Programs Cadre (EPC), created in 1993 by reorganizing the USAF Enlisted PME Support Center and the USAF Senior NCO Academy Curriculum and Evaluation Directorates, provides educational programs to prepare enlisted personnel for increased responsibilities. EPC is responsible for developing, standardizing, and assuring the effectiveness of all enlisted professional military educational programs for the United States Air Force. The EPC staff provides technology assistance and password protected electronic mail for all enlisted PME schools to ensure rapid updates of policies, procedures, and curriculum. The educational cadre develops correspondence courses for each level of EPME and teaches instructor follow-on orientation courses for personnel assigned to ALS, NCOA, and AFSNCOA programs.

Enlisted Professional Military Education Instructor Course

The Enlisted Professional Military Education (EPME) Instructor Course provides new ALS, NCOA, and AFSNCOA instructors a familiarization and orientation of the resident courses. Content of the course focuses primarily on providing a broad overview of course material, expanding instructor subject matter knowledge, and reinforcing instructor skills.

Duration and Quota

The EPME Instructor Course is a five-day course and is offered five times a year. Student quotas for each course are approximately 130 per year. Specific class dates and attendance authorizations are announced through the training management system. Each course is taught at Gunter Annex immediately following the Academic Instructor School (AIS) course conducted at Maxwell AFB, Alabama.

Prerequisites and Selection

Students must be graduates of AIS and attendance is required for all newly assigned EPME instructors. HQ AFPC selects students based on AIS attendance.

Curriculum Summary
History of EPME
Validation and Change Process
Test Item Analysis
Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP)
USAF EPME Procedural Guidance
Evaluating Communication Skills
Instructor Responsibilities
Contemporary Educational Issues
Program Specific Curriculum Issues

Academic Credit Recommendation

No academic credit is awarded for the EPME Instructor Course.

CEPME Distance Learning

The College of Enlisted Professional Military Education provides distance or distributed learning opportunities to the Air Force enlisted corps.

SNCOA Distance Leaning Courses

The Air Force Senior NCO Academic distance learning program consists of CD-ROM based course and an option that relies on printed textbooks.

AFIADL Course 00005. The SNCOA distance learning course on CD-ROM consists of six modules: Profession of Arms, Leadership Planning, Behavior Analysis, Human Resource Development, Organizational Management, and Communication Skills. There are five objective, multiple-choice tests. Profession of Arms is designed to reinforce USAF airman identity.

AFIADL Course 00008. The paper-based SNCOA distance learning course 00008 consists of six volumes that cover communication skills, staff communication, military studies, the leader, developing subordinates, management, and the senior NCO.

NCO Academy Distance Learning Course

The curriculum of the NCO Academy distance-learning course consists of four volumes that address communication skills, military studies, leadership and management principles, and quality of life.

Airman Leadership School Distance Learning Course

The curriculum of the Airman Leadership School distance-learning course covers communication skills, military citizenship, and leadership principles for first-line supervisors.


Eligibility criteria, course responsibilities, and academic credit are outlined in the online Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning Catalog (

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