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Col Ann M. Testa, Commander

Mission: Develop twenty-first century airmen who can advocate what aerospace power brings to the fight, value team achievement over individual success, and value their vital role in the profession of arms.

The Squadron Officer College (SOC) provides our officer corps with the building blocks that are essential to the future success of our Air Force.

The two major components of the SOC are the Aerospace Basic Course (ABC) and Squadron Officer School (SOS). ABC provides the foundation of being an Airman First--a vital concept to new officers serving in the unique profession of arms. SOS has a leadership focus and occurs between the four and seven year point of an officer's career as he or she begins to take on increased levels of leadership and responsibility.

The Squadron Officer College is developing a curriculum for a Wing Company Grade Officer course (WCGOC). The goal is to have this course ready for distribution to Air Force installations for implementation in 2001. This course will provide the wing commanders with the tools they need to mentor their junior officers and ensure that our junior officers continue their professional military education between ABC and SOS.

The Squadron Officer College provides curriculum, administrative, and mission support for all three of these professional military education programs. The Directorate of Curriculum develops and maintains the curriculum for these programs. The Directorate of Mission Support takes care of the day-to-day maintenance of our facilities and our most important resource, our people. The Directorate of Plans and Programs manages scheduling, evaluations, surveys, and long-range planning.

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