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Air Force Institute of Technology  
Col George K. Haritos, Commandant  
Col Thomas S. Kelso, Vice Commandant  

Mission: Provide responsive, defense-focused graduate and continuing education, research, and consultation to improve Air Force and joint operational capability.

The Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) supports the Air Force and national defense through responsive degree-granting graduate and professional continuing education (PCE), research, and consulting services to Air Force and Department of Defense (DOD) agencies. Graduate-level work offers carefully selected officers, Air Force civilians, and international officers the broad educational experience necessary for understanding the role of technology in national defense and in analyzing and solving defense-related problems. PCE programs support Air Force and DOD needs for immediately applicable knowledge and help prevent scientific and technical obsolescence.

Through integrated teaching and research, AFIT meets the challenges of advances in defense-related technologies. The effective relationships between the institute and other Air Force and DOD organizations create a unique environment in which education and research provide faculty and students a variety of programs in which to participate. The faculty members--highly qualified military and civilian professionals--stay abreast of ongoing and projected Air Force operations. Continuous updates of academic program offer students the latest available technical knowledge and applications. The institute's flexibility enables it to respond quickly to changing Air Force requirements.

AFIT provides graduate educational programs through the Graduate School of Engineering and Management. The School of Systems and Logistics and the Civil Engineer and Services School provide many professional continuing education (PCE) short courses to assist Air Force and DOD military and civilian members who wish to become more proficient in their technical and support tasks. The Civilian Institution Programs branch manages specialized graduate school assignments required by a variety of Air Force needs, including medical and instructional assignments. The Academic Library and the Directorates of Admissions/Registrar, Resources, Mission Support, Public Affairs, and Communications and Information support the educational and research programs of the Institute.

Specific information about AFIT and each of its educational, research, and consultation services are spelled out in the AFIT Catalog. The catalog is available on line (

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