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The Civil Engineer and Services School (CESS) provides professional continuing education for selected individuals in the civil engineer and services career fields. In its capacity as a center of professional education and development, the school has established integrated programs including resident continuing education, nonresident courses and seminars, and consultation services.

Professional Continuing Education

Each of the school's PCE programs satisfies a specific and integrated career need of the students. The resident program provides the education that an officer or civilian needs over a lengthy career in Air Force civil engineering or services. The school offers primarily management-oriented courses. The technical offerings update and broaden the professional and technical knowledge of architects and civil, electrical, mechanical, industrial, and general engineers. These courses provide both management doctrine and applications for development of career professionals as they rise in the management structure. The fundamental objective is to return the students to their assignments better prepared to do their jobs. Specific courses offered vary from year to year depending on the needs of the career field.

The school offers professional continuing education courses at or near the student's normal duty location through a nonresident program consisting of on-site courses, seminars, and satellite instruction. Some on-site seminars are conducted on a regional basis and focus on a specific function or field problem common to several bases in the area. For these seminars, faculty members conduct the educational program at a centrally located base. Throughout 1999, CESS used the Air Technology Network to deliver education to 3,023 students. Of this number, 2,039 students completed regular CESS courses by satellite, and the remaining 984 completed satellite seminars.


CESS is organized into the Departments of Engineering Management, Environmental Management, and Services Management and the Academic Support Division. The faculty is composed mainly of Air Force officers with advanced degrees and recent field experience in civil engineering and services, as well as professional competence in a related professional discipline. Highly qualified civilian experts in specific management areas complement the military faculty. Guest lecturers further enhance the program of instruction.


Faculty members provide consultation services to customers worldwide. Their research and consultation provide assistance to the Air Force through advice on and analysis of current problems. CESS is a source of knowledge and expertise tailored to support the technical and management needs of the Air Force and the DOD.

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