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The School of Systems and Logistics offers resident courses in two locations. The principal location is at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. The second location is the Systems Acquisition School, located at Brooks AFB, Texas. The school's mission is to develop, maintain, and deliver professional continuing education (PCE) courses to meet the technical and managerial needs of the logistics, acquisition and software engineering workforce. The Wright-Patterson campus provides PCE courses for the Air Force and other Department of Defense services and agencies. The Brooks campus specializes in meeting the needs of the Air Force Material Command acquisition workforce. A multiservice faculty teaches approximately 200 offerings of 39 courses varying in length from three days to four weeks. Some 1,072 students are taught in resident, while an additional 4,734 students are taught in classes conducted at various locations in the continental United States and overseas or through distance learning.

Professional Continuing Education

The PCE program has three goals:

  • To provide the education required to perform in the individual's current assignment
  • To build a foundation for the long-term performance and professional development of the individual
  • To provide the practitioner with access to new information to prevent obsolescence in the workforce

The school's courses provide managers and practitioners with the tools, skills, and abilities to solve difficult, multidimensional problems by expanding their analytical skills and reasoning abilities. These courses emphasize building a foundation that will benefit students over their entire careers. Course curricula focuses on the education needed to manage complex programs covering the entire spectrum of a system's life cycle, from establishing system requirements to providing operational support. Courses are offered at all levels of professional development, from the introductory level to advanced managerial and technical applications. The extensive use of simulations, case problems, and exercises ensure that students learn how to apply theory and concepts to real world situations.


The expertise developed by our faculty in their respective disciplines represents a valuable resource to the Air Force and DOD. Faculty consulta-tions give the customer access to individuals that are very knowledgeable, bring an outside perspective to the problem, and possess a broad base of experience concerning how similar problems have been addresses success-fully, and not so successfully, in other situations. Faculty consultations provide customers with better solutions, and the experience results in a better faculty and better courses for the students.

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