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Airpower Research Institute  
Col Allan W. Howey, Director  
Dr. James R. W. Titus, AU Dean of Research  

The Airpower Research Institute (ARI) advances the theory and application of air and space power through education, research, analysis, advocacy, and publication. The institute focuses on a single, overriding objective: Warrior-scholars contributing to an improved combat capability for the USAF.

The institute promotes aerospace power thought by conducting and publishing original research regarding USAF and airpower doctrine, strategy, and operations.

Resident civilian defense analysts conduct independent and professional research on topics of interest to USAF leaders and policy makers. They produce research papers and briefings that address USAF and airpower doctrine, strategy, and operations to assist the senior leadership of the Air Force. ARI facilitates the research of students and faculty throughout the Air University school system by managing various research data-bases. The institute publishes several hundred student and faculty papers annually from the School for Advanced Aerospace Studies, Air War College, Air Command and Staff College, and Air Force Institute of Technology on the worldwide web, making them available electronically to researchers, scholars, and policy makers on the Internet.

Military and civilian staff members facilitate collaboration with external research institutions (DOD laboratories, military service schools, and civilian universities) worldwide; and maintain internal Air University databases of proposed research topics, faculty expertise, ongoing research, and completed research papers. The research support staff helps set standards for the conduct of research throughout Air University by providing research education, tools, and resources--along with technical support--to Air University faculty and students.

The institute's Professional Journals Division publishes the Aerospace Power Journal (APJ), the Air Force's professional quarterly and primary institutional forum for exchanging ideas about airpower and other matters relating to national defense. The journal's staff serves as the institutional base for Air Chronicles, the on-line version of the APJ. The Journal is printed quarterly in English, Portuguese, and Spanish editions. The English language edition is an internal instrument of Air Force professional development designed to serve as an open forum for presenting and stimulating innovative thinking on military doctrine, strategy, tactics, force structure, readiness, and other matters of national defense. The foreign language editions serve as military-to-military foreign policy instruments of the United States.

The Aerospace Power Journal presents articles that focus on a broad range of areas, including the training, maintenance, support, leadership, and employment of combat power, especially airpower. The on-line Air Chronicles uses the Journal as a springboard to publish continuously updated dialogue, thought pieces, and book reviews on the worldwide web ( Air Chronicles appears in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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