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The Warfare Studies Institute (WSI) conducts four professional continuing education courses designed to develop the judgment and skills required to employ airpower effectively in combat. The courses offered and supported through the resources of the institute have significantly contributed to the war-fighting capabilities of all US military forces.

The institute conducts the Joint Flag Officer War-fighting, Joint Force Air Component Commander, and Combined Force Air Component Commander Courses. These premier, executive-level courses prepare officers at the one- and two-star rank from all four services for combat leadership responsibilities in joint and combined arenas. The Joint Programs Division staff develops, plans, and manages professional military education courses for senior officers from all branches of the US armed forces. This select staff has a wide range of expertise needed to meet the special requirements of senior flag officers attending these courses.

The faculty and staff of WSI conduct additional courses that contribute significantly to the war-fighting preparedness of US military forces. These courses include the Contingency Wartime Planning, Joint Doctrine Air Campaign, Information Warfare Applications, and Senior Information Warfare Application Courses.

Senior Information Warfare Applications Course

Air University's newest flag officer course, the three-day Senior Informa-tion Warfare Applications Course, is an interagency course and an innovative step in the continuing education for flag officers from all branches of the US armed forces, senior executive service (SES) members of the US federal government's executive branch, and other senior executives from the Departments of Defense, Commerce, Energy, Justice, Transportation and Treasury. It is designed to bridge the public and private sectors and enhance senior leaders understanding of how current and emerging technologies are impacting human decision making and operations in the Information Age.

The course prepares senior officers from the US Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines for theater- and national-level combat responsibilities. Attendees study war fighting and doctrine as related to information warfare (IW) concepts and principles. Course objectives are to understand current Department of Defense and joint doctrinal concepts for IW, understand the integration of weapons systems and IW capabilities from different services or nations to provide effective theater- and national-level IW capabilities, understand and respond to service perspectives on IW employment concepts, and understand IW's role in campaign development. Attendees should be able to execute theater IW strategy and understand IW capabilities and limitations. Attendance is limited to US Air Force flag officers in the grade of brigadier general or major general and members of the senior executive service.

Joint Flag Officer War-fighting Course

The Joint Flag Officer War-fighting Course (JFOWC) is the senior professional military education course in the Department of Defense. The chiefs of staff of all four branches of the US armed forces own and control the course. They delegate course development and execution to their executive agents: commandant, Army War College; president, Naval War College; president, Marine Corps University; and commander, Air University.

The course prepares two-star officers of all four services for the responsibilities of theater-level combat leadership. It is tailored to provide our future theater commanders in chief (CINC), service component, and joint task force commanders with a broad perspective of the strategic and operational levels of war. Instruction for the course comes from senior national civilian and military representatives, flag officers serving as CINCs, and retired, battle-tested officers. Retired warrior generals draw from their CINC and component commander experience to lead war-gaming scenarios focused in various parts of the world, across the continuum of conflict.

Through the study of war fighting, military doctrine, and application of unified, joint and combined combat forces, the attendees will be better prepared to face future crises. JFOWC is a two-week course offered twice a year. Each class is limited to 18 flag officers who represent all military services.

Joint Force Air Component Commander Course

The Joint Force Air Component Commander Course (JFACC) is a senior-officer-level professional military education course hosted by the US Air Force and sponsored by all four branches of the US military services. The course is designed to prepare potential JFACCs for responsibilities of theater-level combat leadership. The attendees study war fighting, military doctrine, and the application of unified, joint, and combined combat forces with particular emphasis on airpower employment in theater-level operations.

Combined Forces Air Component Commander Course

The Air Force hosts and conducts one one-week Combined Forces Air Component Commander (CFACC) Course annually. The first three days are held at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, and the last two days are held at Hurlburt Field, Florida. Eighteen active duty officers-one-star, one-star select, or equivalent rank--are selected to attend. The desired attendee mix is five US Air Force, two US Navy, two US Marine, one US Army, and eight allied flag officers.

MCADRE 002, Contingency Wartime Planning Course

The two-week Contingency Wartime Planning Course (CWPC) educates airmen in grades E-5 through O-6 in the art and science of contingency war planning. Using a combination of nine in-residence courses and two mobile courses, the CWPC graduates approximately 650 students each year. Quotas for attendance may be obtained through major command quota managers or by calling the CWPC at (334) 953-2638 or DSN 493-2638.

Curriculum Summary
Area of Instruction Academic Hours
Orientation and Testing 9.0
Exercises 13.0
Guest Speakers 7.5
Systems 4.5
Foundations of Planning 8.5
Planning 17.5
Total 60.0

MCADRE 003, Joint Doctrine Air Campaign Course

The Joint Doctrine Air Campaign Course prepares personnel from all services who have been designated, or may be designated, to serve on the staff of a joint air force component commander. Participants gain in-depth familiarity with the fundamental concepts, principles, and doc-trine required to develop and execute a joint or combined air campaign plan. Attendees are normally captains through colonels. Air Force major commands may obtain attendance quotas through the training management system. All others please contact the JDACC staff directly at (334) 953-7831 (commercial) or DSN 493-7831 to obtain course attendance authorization. Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve officers may attend the course when funded by their parent organizations.

Curriculum Summary
Instructional Area Academic Hours
Course Administration 4.0
Air Campaign Planning Fundamentals 32.5
Air Campaign Planning Process 5.5
Air Campaign Planning Exercise 30.0
Total 72.0

MCADRE 005, Information Warfare Applications Course

The Information Warfare Applications Course is a one-week course that teaches students to apply and value the principles of information war-fare (IW) to enhance war-fighting capabilities. The course is taught at the college level and is divided into three blocks of material: the Definition and Components of IW, the IW Operational Environment, and the Applications of IW. Through lectures, seminars, practical exercises, readings, and computer-based lessons, students gain a better understanding of how current and emerging technologies are affecting decision making. Classes are offered 10 times per year, with an enrollment of 60 to 72 students per class.

Curriculum Summary
Instructional Area Academic Hours
Course Administration 1.0
Fundamentals of IW 27.0
Exercises 12.0
Total 40.0

MCADRE 006, Aerospace Power Course (APC)

The Aerospace Power Course is a self-paced, interactive course that uses a variety of state-of-the-art learning media. It consists of eleven (11) separate lessons. The course helps students develop a broader comprehension of aerospace power principles, concepts, and applications through hybrid CD-ROM courseware and Internet connectivity along with reading material from the Air University Press. The course contents better prepare Air Force officers in joint duty assignments to articulate and advocate aerospace power principles and beliefs, but can be beneficial to all aerospace power enthusiasts. Future plans call for using the Internet as a primary means of distribution. For more information, contact the Aerospace Power Course development team at:

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