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Intelligence Directorate  
Lt Col Lee M. Hester, Director  

The Intelligence Directorate supports the AU commander, CADRE, and AU's PME and PCE schools and colleges. It provides intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) expertise as Air University's only intelligence organization. End products include current intelligence education, current intelligence presentations and analysis, assessments of future threat scenarios, and opposing force and ISR play in support of PME objectives and war games.

The directorate's personnel provide current and projected force structures of nations (scenario development) represented in war games. These games simulate the capabilities and tactics of opposing forces and represent the role intelligence plays in national- and operational-level decision making. The directorate provides intelligence research assistance and resources to more than 7,000 students and 200 faculty members at Air University, many of whom participate in special studies directed by the Air Force chief of staff and the Air Staff. The directorate supports Air War College, Air Command and Staff College, the Ira C. Eaker College for Professional Development, and Squadron Officer College through intelligence briefings and academic course work (intelligence education).

The directorate reviews and critiques joint and Air Force doctrine documents to ensure that intelligence capabilities are accurately represented. It provides intelligence instruction to CADRE's Joint Doctrine Air Campaign Course, Joint Flag Officer Warfighting Course, and Joint Force Air Component Commander Course. The director maintains regular liaison with fellow Air Force senior intelligence officers and chairs the AU Intelligence Program Advisory Group.

The directorate's Special Security Office (SSO) controls, safeguards, and ensures proper use of sensitive compartmented information (SCI). The SSO manages more than 900 SCI billets, operates Air University's only SCI communications center, and provides physical security for the AU SCI facility.

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