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Ira C. Eaker College for Professional Development  
Commanders Professional Development School  
Col Leonard J. Trovero, Director  

The Commanders School conducts six courses--the USAF Wing Commanders Seminar, the USAF Support Group Commanders Course, the USAF Logistics Group Commanders Course, the USAF Medical Group Commanders Course, the USAF Operations Group Commanders Course, and the USAF On-Scene Commanders Course.

Attendance at the wing and group commanders courses is mandatory for individuals identified by the USAF Command Selection Board. These courses are tailored to provide attendees current information on DOD and Air Force leadership and management issues. The chief of staff of the Air Force approves the curriculum. Adjunct faculty and senior subject matter experts from DOD, Air Staff, major commands, and field operating agencies present the course material.

The four group commanders courses are two weeks in duration and are held concurrently. The first week, the courses are combined, and students receive a core curriculum that applies to all group commanders. The second week, the four courses are divided into discipline--specific seminars.

Attendance at the On-Scene Commanders Course is mandatory for all USAF personnel designated as on-scene commanders and senior installation fire officials. The course is optional for disaster response force representatives, command inspector general team chiefs, and installation exercise evaluation team chiefs/members. Resident and adjunct faculty teach personnel how to properly conduct disaster responses (aircraft accidents, hazardous material incidents, tornadoes, etc.), save lives and resources, and limit damage to the environment.

Mission: Prepare officers for duty as wing commanders, logistics group commanders, medical group commanders, operations group commanders, support group commanders, and emergency response on-scene commanders. The school's faculty develops, schedules, and conducts tailored courses that help attendees deal with critical leadership and management issues.

Goals: Provide Air Force wing, group, and on-scene commanders with a better understanding of the environment, responsibilities, and resources required to enhance their effectiveness as commanders.

Through executive-level short courses, the school provides Air Force officers selected for command

  • Updates on critical issues affecting themselves, their people, and their mission
  • Specific training concerning command responsibility, accountability, and discipline
  • Practical skills that may be used to enhance their immediate effectiveness as new commanders

Duration and Quota

The courses convene up to five times each year with 15-20 attendees. The On-Scene Commanders Course is the exception, convening 15 times each year at Maxwell and 11 times each year at other selected locations.

Prerequisites and Selection

The courses are open to individuals selected to serve in the positions described by the courses. The Air Force Colonels Matters Office (AF/DPO) manages attendance at the wing and group commanders' courses.

Curriculum Summary
Course Title Academic Hours
Wing Commanders Seminar 43.0
Support Group Commanders Course 78.5
Logistics Group Commanders Course 78.5
Medical Group Commanders Course 86.5
Operations Group Commanders Course 80.0
On-Scene Commanders Course 32.0

Initiatives Summary

The Commanders Professional Development School collaborates with the Air Staff, major air commands, and other Air Force organizations to further customize its curricula for commanders. This effort will enable the school to better serve as a lever for implementing current Air Force policy.

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