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In 1966, the assistant secretary of the Air Force (financial management) established a joint service task group to study financial management education in the Department of Defense (MEDOD). This group issued its report, called the MEDOD study, in March 1967.

The Professional Military Comptroller Course (PMCC) was developed in response to this study. In 1973, financial managers from Army, Navy, and other DOD agencies began participating in PMCC. The Army and Navy assigned highly qualified faculty members. At that time, the PMCC became the DOD Professional Military Comptroller School (PMCS).

Mission: Provide an advanced/executive education program in comptrollership for midlevel and senior DOD financial managers. The student body consists primarily of selected civilians and military officers from the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Defense Finance and Accounting Service, and other DOD agencies. The school

  • develops the capacity to adapt the comptroller's role to the economic, political, and social environment of the military organization.
  • expands knowledge of issues and policies affecting defense resource allocation and military readiness.
  • enhances, with a generalist perspective, comprehension of the academic disciplines essential to effective comptrollership.

Goal: Improve accountability and fiscal readiness of Department of Defense personnel by providing world-class financial management education. The school provides each student with a program of graduate education that emphasizes the information and skills needed to support and advise commanders and other leaders on financial and resource management.

Initiatives Summary

The Professional Military Comptroller School has expanded several curriculum initiatives to enhance the ability and productivity of its graduates. These initiatives include student research and writing programs, a wellness emphasis, and a personal computer laboratory.

Student Research Programs

A prerequisite for graduation is a research paper or comparable written project. The research paper should address a current Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, DOD, or other federal agency comptroller or resource management issues. The papers provide students with opportunities to examine current topics and to convey their ideas to others for action. These papers often go directly to service headquarters or other top organizational levels for review. Students are encouraged to select topics that support current DOD initiatives.

Students conduct individual research under the guidance of a faculty research advisor and in coordination with sponsoring service staff organizations. Through their research efforts, students have the opportunity to enhance their professional competence and to make meaningful contributions to subjects relevant to DOD resource management.

Total Personal Wellness

The DOD Professional Military Comptroller School provides a total personal wellness program for the benefit of the students. This program includes blood analysis for cholesterol levels, body fat analysis composition, and blood pressure/pulse checks. This program covers cholesterol analysis, nutrition, stress management, type A behavior, and exercise. It focuses on having students identify potentially unhealthy lifestyle habits to effect changes in their lifestyle that will improve their overall wellness.

Personal Computer Laboratory

Students have access to laptop computers for use both inside and outside the schoolhouse. The portable laptops allow the students to work at their own pace and in the comfort of their seminar or individual rooms. Students also have the capability to print from the seminar rooms via the network, as well as correspond by E-mail to their home stations. PMCS students receive considerable exposure to application software programs. Beginning students can advance their expertise using word processing, spreadsheet, and database management software by attending elective computer labs.

Each of the five seminar rooms has computers. Computers are used for data automation assignments and computer-based resource management exercises as well as in support of seminars throughout the course.


The curriculum consists of two courses. The DOD Professional Military Comptroller Course provides midlevel and senior comptrollers, resource managers, and other financial staff with information concerning the tasks, environments, and skills associated with military comptrollership. The Reserve Forces Professional Military Comptroller Course develops (in selected Guard and Reserve officers) an understanding of the role of the comptroller as a staff officer and head of a management service organization.

Duration and Quota

The DOD Professional Military Comptroller Course is held five times each year and meets for 30 class days. The quota for each class is 60 students.

The Reserve Forces DOD Professional Military Comptroller Course is held once each year and meets for 10 class days. Each class has a quota of 60 students from DOD components.

Prerequisites and Selection

The DOD Professional Military Comptroller Course is open primarily to individuals in the ranks of major through colonel (or Navy equivalent) and in the grades of GS-12 through GS/GM-15 serving in a financial management or comptroller position. The reserve forces course is open to guard and reserve personnel in the ranks of major through colonel (or Navy equivalent) occupying, or selected to occupy, key financial management positions at the unit, command, or headquarters level.

Curriculum Summary
Course Title Academic Hours
Professional Military Comptroller Course 240.0
Reserve Forces Professional Military Comptroller Course 82.5

Academic Credit

The Center for Adult Learning and Educational Credentials of the American Council on Education recommends three graduate semester hours in managerial accounting or public finance and three graduate semester hours in organizational management or managerial economics credit for the DOD Professional Military Comptroller Course.

Students desiring credit for attendance should request that the Registrar, Air University, AU/CFR, 60 W. Shumacher Ave., Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6337, send a transcript to the college or university where they are enrolled.

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