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USAF Historian Development School  
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The USAF Historian Development School became operational in January 1995. The school is responsible for technical training in the historian career field. It conducts two in-residence courses--Historian Apprentice and Historian Craftsman--and develops and maintains one distance-learning course--Historian Journeyman.

The Historian Apprentice Course is 18 academic days long and is designed for new enlisted historians entering the Air Force history program. The curriculum provides a foundation in the principles and methods of preparing periodic histories and managing a wing history program.

The Historian Journeyman Course capitalizes on technology and is built for the midlevel, enlisted historian. This distance-learning course expands on the areas of the historian career field, the museum program, the USAF art program, security, periodic history, reference services, contingency, drawdowns, administration, and safety. The state-of-the-art course on CD-ROM is a futuristic approach to technical training and is an interactive, multimedia, computer-based course. The course is available through the Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning.

The Historian Craftsman Course is 10 academic days long and places the experienced historian in a dynamic environment similar to what is experienced in the field. Following an intense, practicum-based curriculum, the prospective craftsman historian will research and write a historical special study, conduct an oral history interview, evaluate actual periodic histories, and conduct an analytical oral briefing during a mock commander's stand-up.

All three courses cited above prepare enlisted and selected civilian historians to assist today's commanders in the decision-making process and capture the Air Force's corporate memory for the senior leaders of tomorrow.

Mission: Conduct skill-level awarding courses to train active duty, Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve enlisted historians. The school provides instruction on methods and techniques for conducting a comprehensive history program.

Goals: Provide historian trainees with a strategic framework for acquiring three-, five-, and seven-skill level competencies in the enlisted historian career field. The objectives are

  • Develop curriculum and conduct resident and distance learning historian instruction including a correspondence course distributed through the Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning
  • Represent the historian career field in forums involving training issues
  • Provide consultation to the Headquarters USAF Office of History (USAF/HO) and other organizations
  • Assist in developing and revising promotion tests, training standards, and related materials

Initiatives Summary

The USAF Historian Development School is testing and revising the Historian Journeyman Course. This is an interactive, multimedia software, CD-ROM course.


The school curriculum enables historians to prepare organizational histories more effectively.

Duration and Quota

The apprentice course is held four times each year for 18 academic days with an average of 13 students a class. The craftsman course is held three times annually for two weeks with an average of 10 students in each class.

Prerequisites and Selection

The prerequisites for selection and attendance differ for each skill level in the historian career field specialty.

Three-level Course Prerequisites. Air Force enlisted personnel (active duty, reserve, or guard) approved for retraining into the historian Air Force specialty code (AFSC) 3H0X1 will be given priority for class seats. With approval of the major command history office and the course director, the following individuals may attend on a space-available basis: enlisted personnel assigned additional or part-time duties as unit historians, civilian personnel with collateral or part-time duties as unit historians, and civilians interning as historians. All attendees must be proficient typists and familiar with computers and word processing software. Selected personnel must not have submitted a request for reassignment from the history AFSC.

Five-level Course Prerequisites. The student must complete three months in the duty position or have apprentice experience before beginning journeyman training.

Seven-level Course Prerequisites. The student must be a staff sergeant or higher, be enrolled in seven-skill level upgrade training, and have met the minimum time requirement in upgrade training. The student must also be familiar with Microsoft Word version 6.0 or later and Microsoft PowerPoint 4.0 or later.

Curriculum Summary
Course Title Academic Hours
Historian Apprentice Course 144
Historian Journeyman Course *
Historian Craftsman Course 80
*20-30 hours to accomplish 959 individual on-screen modules.

Academic Credit

Through affiliation with the Community College of the Air Force, graduates of the Historian Apprentice Course who enroll in the Community College of the Air Force receive five hours of credit on their transcripts. Graduates of the Craftsman Course earn three semester hours of CCAF credit toward an associate degree.

All graduates may receive a transcript reflecting these credit hours by contacting the Registrar, CCAF/RRR, 130 W. Maxwell Blvd., Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6613. Interested students are encouraged to contact their base education office.

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