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The Air University Registrar oversees three branches: Services and Student Records, Officer PME, and Central Scheduling and Requirements Analysis. Through its Services and Student Records Branch, the registrar provides a 30-year archival data trail for Air University schools, produces transcripts for graduates of those schools, and serves as admissions officer for Air War College and Air Command and Staff College master's degree programs. The registrar enrolls distance education students, monitors their progress, and produces their completion certificates and diplomas. The Officer PME Branch functions as the single input source for updating USAF records with PME course completions and supports promotion boards by screening graduate records to provide PME graduate data. The Central Scheduling and Requirements Analysis Branch manages course requirements, allocations, schedules, and program changes.

Transcript Requests

Individuals must request transcripts in writing from the Services and Records Branch, Air University Registrar (AU/CFRR), 60 W. Shumacher Ave., Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6337. All requests must include the student's name, any previous names used, social security number, dates of attendance, school or course completed, complete address where the transcript is to be mailed, the student's signature, current address, and phone number. The above information may also be faxed to (334) 953-8127. For additional information call DSN 493-8128/1240 or (334) 953-8128 or 1240.

Notice to Students: Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-380)

The following notice is published as a public service to the student body. Federal regulations require annual notice to students on this subject.

Federal regulations are designed to protect the privacy of student records. The statute and regulations govern access to records, their release, and the rights of students to review and, if necessary, challenge information they believe to be inaccurate.

This notice is a digest of these regulations. The full text is available for student examination in AU/JA, building 800, room 22. Under the act, "education records" (with certain exceptions as listed below) include, those records, files, documents, or other materials related directly to a student and maintained by Air University in an official records system. Records made by AU personnel that are in the sole possession of the maker and are not revealed to any other person are exempt and not part of an individual's "education records."

During the academic year, students may review their official education records by contacting appropriate personnel responsible for records within each applicable AU school at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. After attendance, former students may review their official education records by contacting the AU Registrar's Office. AU students have the right to challenge any material contained therein on the basis of its being inaccurate, misleading, or inappropriate. The right to challenge grades does not apply under the act unless the grade was inaccurately recorded.

Exceptions to the right to review records by students are confidential letters and statements of recommendation made prior to 1 January 1975, and any other recommendations for which the student has voluntarily waived the right to access. Under no circumstances will waiver of right to access be made a condition for admission to any academic program or school within AU.

With specified exceptions, AU may release information in student's records to others if:

(a) signed and dated written consent from the student specifying the records to be released and the reasons for such release and to whom is on file with the registrar, and the consent is within governing directives.

(b) such information is furnished to comply with judicial orders, upon condition that AU will make a reasonable attempt to notify the student in advance of compliance with the subpoena or judicial order.

Education records or personally identifiable information, other than public information, may be released without the written consent of the student to the following:

(a) other AU officials who have a legitimate need to know

(b) officials of other Department of Defense schools in which the student intends to enroll

(c) authorized representatives of certain federal agencies, and education agencies or state educational authorities under certain conditions.

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