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The Air University Press, a division of the Air University Library, is the professional publishing arm of Air University. Its products help promote creative thought on and appreciation of the value of air and space power. The Air University Publications Review Board, composed of senior officials from Air University's officer PME schools, helps set direction for the press and advises and assists the press in procuring and evaluating manuscripts.

The press seeks to establish itself as a leading not-for-profit publisher on aerospace power and national security. To achieve this goal, the press engages in an active acquisitions program to attract manuscripts on relevant topics from a wide range of authors, including active duty military, civilian scholars, and independent researchers.

Through its unique artistic and in-house editorial capabilities, the press staff provides a complete range of publication services. It offers creative assistance in prepress production functions (design, layout, typesetting, and creation and use of illustrations and photographs) for all AU Press publications, including the Aerospace Power Journal, which is published in three languages--English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Information on press publications is available through the Air University Press Publications catalog--in hard copy and on the Internet ( To inquire further about obtaining publications or submitting manuscripts, contact the Air University Press, 131 W. Shumacher Ave., Maxwell AFB AL 36112-6615.

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