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Air Force Enlisted Heritage Research Institute  
William Chivalette, Curator  

The Air Force Enlisted Heritage Research Institute (AFEHRI) was established on 23 May 1997. Until that time, research functions and enlisted heritage data gathering activities supporting curriculum development to the College for Enlisted Professional Military Education (CEPME), Educational Programs Cadre (EPC), were under the auspices of the Air Force Enlisted Heritage Hall. The Heritage Hall function had served at various points of time under the directions of the AFSNCOA commandant; CEPME commander; EPC dean; and CEPME vice commandant. Research functions and support to curriculum development, and responsibility for enlisted heritage and history materials used in the development of the Air Force Promotion Fitness Examination and study materials were transferred to the AFEHRI from the Enlisted Heritage Hall in 1997.

The Enlisted Heritage Research Institute preserves the rich and dramatic heritage and tradition of the enlisted corps of the US Air Force and its antecedents: Aeronautical Division, Army Air Service; Army Air Corps; and Army Air Forces in the development of airpower to defend the United States. AFEHRI achieves its mission by featuring artifacts, art collections, and pictorial exhibits; written and oral documentation, audiovisuals, equipment, and selected aircraft parts. Additionally, students use the in-house and on-line research capabilities to enhance learning and complete enlisted heritage research projects. A significant archival holding is also available and efforts are systematically made to ensure its growth and availability to researchers and the public.

The institute has two major subdivisions: the Research Institute, which provides research and curriculum support, and the AF Enlisted Heritage Hall, which serves the museum/display function. The AF Enlisted Heritage Research Institute is comprised of a Director, Director of Operations, and the Air National Guard Liaison. The AF Enlisted Heritage Hall is operated and directed by a civilian curator.

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