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ABC Aerospace Basic Course
ACSC Air Command and Staff College
AECP Airman Education and Commissioning Program
AETC Air Education and Training Command
AF Air Force
AFB Air Force Base
AFCAT Air Force Catalog
AFDLO Air Force Distance Learning Office
AFH Air Force Handbook
AFHRA Air Force Historical Research Agency
AFI Air Force Instruction
AFIADL Air Force Institute for Advanced Distributed Learning
AFIT Air Force Institute of Technology
AFJAG Air Force Judge Advocate General
AFJROTC Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps
AFOATS Air Force Officer Accession and Training Schools
AFPD Air Force Policy Directive
AFROTC Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps
AFSC Air Force Specialty Code
AFSSI Air Force Systems Security Instruction
AFWI Air Force Wargaming Institute
AIS Academic Instructor School
ALS Airman Leadership School
ANG Air National Guard
ARI Airpower Research Institute
ATN Air Technology Network
AU/CC Air University Commander
AU/CF Air University Academic Office
AU/CFR Air University Registrar
AU/FM Air University Financial Management and Personnel
AU/SC Air University Information Technology
AUI Air University Instruction
AUL Air University Library
AUTV Air University Television
AWC Air War College
BDU Battle-Dress Uniform
BOT Basic Officer Training
BOV Board of Visitors
CADRE College of Aerospace Doctrine Research and Education
CAO Chief Academic Officer
CAP Civil Air Patrol
CBOA Command Board of Advisors
CCAF Community College of the Air Force
CCM Office of the Command Chief Master Sergeant
CEPME College for Enlisted Professional Military Education
CFACCC Combined Force Air Component Commander Course
CINC Commander in Chief
COMPUSEC Computer Security
COT Commissioned Officer Training
CPD [Ira C. Eaker] College for Professional Development
CSAF Chief of Staff of the Air Force
CV Vice Commandant
CWPC Contingency Wartime Planning Course
DD Form Department of Defense Form
DL Distance Learning
DOD Department of Defense
DODD Department of Defense Directive
DSN Defense Switching Network
ECI Extension Course Institute
42d ABW 42d Air Base Wing
HQ/AETC Headquarters Air Education and Training Command
HQ/AU Headquarters Air University
HQ USAF/CVA Headquarters US Air Force/Assistant Vice Chief of Staff
HRMS [Air Force] Human Resource Management School
IA International Affairs
IMSO International Military Student Office
IOS International Officer School
ITV Interactive Television
IW Information Warfare
IWAC Information Warfare Applications Course
JASOP Joint Air and Space Operations Plan
JDACC Joint Doctrine Air Campaign Course
JFACCC Joint Force Air Component Commander Course
JFOWC Joint Flag Officer Warfighting Course
JLASS Joint Land Aerospace and Sea Simulation
JTF Joint Task Force
LAN Local Area Network
MAJCOM Major Command
MET Mobile Education Team
NCOA Noncommissioned Officer Academy
NCOIC Noncommissioned Officer In Charge
NSF National Security Forum
OI Operating Instruction
OTS Officer Training School
PACE Public Affairs Center of Excellence
PCE Professional Continuing Education
PMCS Professional Military Comptroller School
PME Professional Military Education
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
SAAS School of Advanced Airpower Studies
SCI Sensitive Compartmented Information
SF Standard Form
SIWAC Senior Information Warfare Applications Course
SNCOA Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy
SOC Squadron Officer College
SOS Squadron Officer School
TBX Team-Building Exercises
TDY Temporary Duty
UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice
WSI Warfare Studies Institute

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