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College for Professional Development
Ira C. Eaker College for Professional Development
  Col Aaron B. "Buck" Rogers, Commander  
Mission: To provide world-class professional continuing education and technical training to Air Force, international, and other DOD personnel. 

      The Air University Center for Professional Development was activated on 1 August 1986. This organization was formed by merging the Leadership and Management Development Center and the Educational Development Center. In October 1993, the center was redesignated the Ira C. Eaker College for Professional Development (CPD) to honor General Eaker's significant contributions to the advancement of aviation, to the Air Force, and to the continuing professional development of its members.
      The CPD umbrella spans eight schools: Commanders Professional Development School, Air Force Human Resource Management School, International Officers School, Air Force Judge Advocate General School, DOD Professional Military Comptroller School, USAF Chaplain Service Institute, USAF First Sergeant Academy, and USAF Historian Development School. 


        Ninety percent of students, graduates, and graduates' supervisors stating our
          courses accomplished their stated mission.
      Quality of instruction, course effectiveness, and overall value of each course 
          rated "Excellent" or higher by 90 percent of students, graduates, and graduates' 
      Reward our top performers by nominating them for CPD, AU, AETC, and Air 
          Force-level awards.
      Appropriately discipline those who cannot or will not meet standards.

                                                     Academic Credit

      The Ira C. Eaker College for Professional Development is affiliated with the CCAF. Through this relationship, CPD is--for accreditation and degree purposes--a CCAF educational associate. CPD course offerings for enlisted personnel result in the award of academic credit by CCAF. Enlisted graduates may apply for course credit through the Registrar, CCAF/RRR, 130 W. Maxwell Blvd., Maxwell AFB, AL 36112-6613. The Commission on Educational Credit of the American Council on Education endorses several CPD courses for college-level credit recommendations.

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