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Research in negotiation methodologies and techniques that foster collaborative relationships, build partnerships, and find interagency solutions.

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Air Force Negotiation Center Source Documents
PDF LinkDOD Irregular Warfare Joint Operating Concept
Negotiation is a key skill set for success in Irregular Warfare.
PDF LinkDOD Regional and Cultural Capabilities - The Way Ahead
Identifies skills to succeed in future warfare.
PDF LinkDOD Strategic Plan for the Next Generation of Training
Cross-cultural negotiation will be taught as an application of soft power.
PDF LinkCJCS 2010 Joint Professional Military Education Special Areas of Emphasis
Building partner capabilities as an area of emphasis.
PDF LinkCJCS Universal Joint Task List
Identifies Negotiation as a component of numerous validated Joint tasks
PDF LinkUS Forces Security Force Assistance (SFA) Training and Qualification Standards
Negotiation is a collective enabling task for forces deploying in security assistance role.
PDF LinkUS Army Strategic Leadership Primer
Clearly identifies negotiation as a core competency of a strategic leader
PDF LinkAir Force Culture and Language Flight Plan
Identifies negotiation as a critical skill for AF leaders.
PDF LinkAir Force Doctrine Document 1-1
Negotiation allows us to develop win-win solutions when leading people and teams.
PDF LinkAir Force Policy Directive 36-26
PDF LinkAir Force Policy Directive 36-40
Negotiation is a critical sub competency in the AF Institutional Competency List.
PDF LinkAir Force Instruction 36-2201
Chapter 8 outlines training program development for expeditionary Airmen.
PDF LinkAir University Strategic Guidance