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The AFNC is chartered by the Air Force General Counsel (Alternative Dispute Resolution Office [GCD]) and the Air University to teach, research, and outreach on all aspects of DOD negotiation issues. Our primary focus is negotiation education and its impact on the operational and day-to-day Air Force mission. Negotiation has many aspects including: traditional negotiation, conciliation, mediation, settlement conferences, arbitration, consensus building, community conferencing, the ombudsman process, and all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The primary focus of the AFNC is traditional negotiation, but we offer expertise in other areas of conflict resolution. For more detailed information on the AFNC please click here.


Air Force Negotiation Center (AFNC) was created in 2005 through a Memorandum of Agreement between the Secretary of the Air Force General Counsel Alternative Dispute Resolution Office (GCD) and the Commander, Air University. This MOA was updated in 2012. The concept was the result of Air Force supervisors providing feedback on GCD-sponsored negotiation workshops - they believed this should be a "universal skill," especially in light of the increasingly complex operating environment of today's DOD professionals. Since its inception, the AFNC has offered course work across all levels of AF PME and conducted outreach seminars and research.