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Raumschach Negotiations - Book chapter on three-dimensional negotiations
Eisen, Stefan, “Raumschach Negotiations,” in Cross-Cultural Competence For A Twenty-First-Century Military: Culture, the Flipside of COIN. Edited by Greene-Sands, Allison and Robert Greene Sands. Lexington Books, 2014.

Cross Cultural Negotiations for U.S. Negotiators - Edited by Kristen Blankley
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Paper by Dr. Stef Eisen - June 2009

A paper by Dr. Stef Eisen - March 2010

By the USAF Office of the Deputy General Counsel for Dispute Resolution (SAF/GCD) and the AF AFNC - November 2005

Written by Dr. Stef Eisen & Dr. Kim Hudson

Written by Dr. Stef Eisen

Written by Dr. Stef Eisen