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Games and Exercises
Negotiation exercise available on the MIT OpenCourseWare site

Furd Merkat
A two-part, two player game that compares competitive and cooperative negotiation styles in a car buying scenario. Developed by the NCE for academic use.
Competitive Car Buying: PDF LinkBuyer | PDF LinkSeller
Cooperative Car Buying: PDF LinkBuyer | PDF LinkSeller
Faculty Administration: PDF LinkDebrief | PDF LinkWorksheet

Offer Game
A two player game that examines the impact of control variables on negotiations. Developed by the NCE for academic use.
PDF Link Player One
PDF LinkPlayer Two

The Banauue Challenge
A two-party cross-cultural negotiation exercise in between a relief group and a local village.
PDF LinkBanauue Map
PDF LinkVillage Leader Guide
PDF LinkRelief Group Guide
PDF LinkVillage workbook
PDF LinkRelief Workbook

PDF LinkNegotiations Following a Crisis - a Simulated Scenario, Los Alamos National Lab
PDF LinkNegotiation Outcomes and Lessons Learned Los Alamos National Lab

Case Studies
Web LinkClearinghouse - Resource Center for Negotiation Education, Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard Law School - includes case studies, syllabi, and more.
Web LinkNegotiations Case Studies, at