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Alternate Dispute Resolution
The U.S. Office of Personnel Management describes Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as "a variety of approaches to early intervention and dispute resolution." These include techniques or methods such as binding arbitration, conciliation, cooperative problem-solving, dispute panels, early neutral evaluation, facilitation, fact finding, interest-based problem solving, mediated arbitration, mediation, mini trials, negotiated rulemaking, settlement conferences, non-binding arbitration, ombudsmen, partnering, and peer review. You can review this information at the U.S. OOM ADR Guide. Negotiation is both an ADR process, and the art of negotiation is a technique used within all ADR processes.

The Office of Primary Responsibility for ADR within the Air Force is the Air Force General Counsel's Dispute Resolution Division. Per Air Force Policy Directive 51-12, the goals of ADR are to promote voluntary informal and consensual dispute resolution; to promote creative, efficient, and sensible outcomes in dispute resolution; and to reduce the tangible and intangible costs, in time and resources, associated with dispute resolution. You can link to their homepage below:

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PDFAir Force ADR Website (www.adr.af.mil)
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