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"Officers must be knowledgeable about history and conversant in the art of negotiation..."
General Martin Dempsey, Former Chief of Staff, United States Army

Being an expert negotiator goes far beyond reading a popular self-help book from the local bookstore business section on your flight into a combat zone. Experts devote a lifetime of study or they may learn through experience with little formal training. Unless you are the one-in-a-million natural negotiator, the information in this website will help. First read the Practical Guide to Negotiation in the Military. Next, explore the website for more information. If you are working in a cross-cultural environment, look at our Joint Knowledge Online section for the lessons on cross-cultural negotiation. These will get you started.

Remember, many factors will influence any negotiation: culture, situation, language, mission, environment, urgency, personalities, and more. Each factor influences success and must be considered in the planning process. Careful planning, purposeful execution, and determined follow through give you the best chance of executing a successful negotiation. Following the processes of negotiation is not optional. An organized approach gives you the best chance of success. Use a negotiation planning process even if you have two minutes to prepare in the field or if you are leading a full staff in a well-prepared and chain-of-command approved, formal negotiation. Perhaps the best way to view negotiation is to make it a warrior tool. Warrior skills are part of readiness and you should train to best execute all your required combat skills; negotiation should be a part of this package.

Finally, the Negotiation Center of Excellence is committed to the warfighter and all aspects of employing the negotiation process. Click here for our mission brief and source documents. Our mission is to support and prepare military officers, NCOs, and civilians for all forms and levels of negotiation and dispute resolution. We are proud of your service.