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Sept-Oct 1967

Our Strategic Superiority - Why We Must Continue to Have It

July-August 1968

Strategic Stability

Sept-Oct 1969

Histroy, Vietnam, and the Concept of Deterrence

Nov-Dec 1971

Realistic Deterrence and New Strategy

May-June 1972

Preparing for a Generation of Peace: A Strategic Concept Responsive to a Presidential Mandate

Sept-October 1972

Defense Dollars for Deterrence: A Matter of Priorities

May-June 1973

Realistic Doctrine: Basic Thinking Today

July-August 1974

The Triad and Beyond: The Future of Strategic Deterrence

July-August 1974

What We Know, and What We Don't Know, about Tactical Nuclear War

March-April 1975

Counterforce in an Era of Essential Equivalence

May-June 1975

On Deterrence: A Broadened Perspective

July-August 1975

Some Myths about the Strategic Balance

Sept-Oct 1975

What's This Essential Equivalence Bit?

Nov-Dec 1975

The Evolution of Flexible Response in the Post-Vietnam Era: Adjustment or Transformation?

Sep-Oct 1976

Operations Research Shall Inherit the Earth

January-February 1977

Deterrence: Reckless Prudence

May-June 1977

Rethinking the Unthinkable: Limited Strategic Nuclear Options

Sep-Oct 1978

Professionalism in Transition: The Officer Corps in the Age of Deterrence

May-June 1979

The MX an dStrategic Deterrence in the 1980s

Nov-Dec 1979

Principles of Deterrence

Sep-Oct 1980

Political Sufficiency of Nuclear Forces

January-February 1981

Soviet Perceptions of Nuclear the Strategic Balance

January-February 1982

Deterrence: After the Golden Age

March-April 1982

Soviet Perceptions of Nuclear Strategy and Implications for U.S. Deterrence

May-June 1982

Western Deterrence: Posture and Rationale

Nov-Dec 1982

What Happens if Deterrence Fails?

May-June 1983

Images of the Nuclear Future: Blending Politics and Technology

May-June 1983

War-Fighting Deterrence: Forces and Doctrines in U.S. Policy

Nov-Dec 1984

Beyond Deterrence: The Strategic Defense Option

July-August 1985

Christian Morality and Nuclear Deterrence

Nov-Dec 1985

The Strategic Defense Initiative: Ploitical Risks

May-June 1986

Deterrence in the High-Technology Era

Fall 1991

Framework for START II

Winter 1991

The Soviet Military and the New Air War in the Persian Gulf

Summer 1993

Deterrence after the Cold War: Conventional Arms and the Prevention of War

Winter 1994

Information Warfare: Principles of Third-Wave War

Fall 2009

A Perfect Storm over Nuclear Weapons

Fall 2009

Team Spirit: A Case Study on the Value of Military Exercises as a Show of Force in the Aftermath of Combat Operations

Fall 2009

Deterrence and Space-Based Missile Defense

Winter 2009

US Nuclear Deterrence: An Opportuntiy for President Obama to Lead by Example

May-June 2012

Long-Range Strike: The Bedrock of Deterrence and America's Strategic Advantage

July-August 2012

Embracing the Moon in the Sky or Fishing the Moom in the Water? Some Thoughts on Military Deterrence: Its Effectiveness and Limitations

March-April 2014

Nuclear Deterrence and Cyber: The Quest for Concept

Fall 2016 Nuclear Deterrence in Cyber-ia: Challenges and Controversies
Fall 2016 Strategic Flexibility to Deter in the Asia-Pacific
Winter 2016 Nuclear Deterrence as a Stabilizing Force: Modernizing American B61s in Europe
Winter 2016 US Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence: Realist versus Utopian Thinking