Strategic Studies Quarterly (SSQ)
Articles on Deterrence

Spring 2009 Waging Deterrence in the 21st Century
Spring 2009 Policy and Purpose: The Economy of Deterrence
Spring 2009 On Nuclear Deterrence and Assurance
Fall 2009 Framing Deterrence in the Twenty-First Century
Winter 2009 The Logic of the Nuclear Arsenal
Winter 2009 When Is Deterrence Necessary? Gauging Adversary Intent
Spring 2010 Remembrance of Things Pas-The Enduring Value of Nuclear Weapons
Spring 2010 The Illogic of the Biological Weapons Taboo
Summer 2010 What's Wrong with Zero?
Summer 2010 From Proliferator to Model Citizen? China’s Recent Enforcement of Nonproliferation-Related Trade Controls and its Potential Positive Impact in the Region
Winter 2010  Minimum Deterrence and its Critics
Winter 2010 What’s wrong with America’s nuclear hawks
Spring 2011 Nuclear Crisis Management and Cyberwar:  Phishing for Trouble?
Spring 2011 Retaliatory Deterrence in Cyberspace
Spring 2011 Retaliatory Deterrence in Cyberspace
Spring 2011 Nuclear Crisis Management and Cyberwar:  Phishing for Trouble?
Fall 2011 Zero Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Security Enterprise Modernization
Fall 2011 To Deter or Not to Deter: Applying Historical Lessons to the Iranian Nuclear Challenge
Winter 2011 South Asia: Danger Ahead?
Winter 2011 US Policies toward Tehran: Redefining Counter-proliferation for the 21st Century
Winter 2011 Nuclear Lessons for Cyber Security?
Summer 2012 U.S. Extended Deterrence: How Much  Strategic Force Is Too Little?
Summer 2012 The Common Sense of Small Nuclear Arsenals
Summer 2012 Chasing Its Tail: Nuclear Deterrence in the Information Age
Winter 2012 Deterring North Korea from Using WMD in Future Conflicts and Crises
Spring 2013 The New Era of Nuclear Weapons, Deterrence, and Conflict
Spring 2013 Deterrence Logic and NATO's Nuclear Posture
Fall 2013 The Need for a Strong U.S. Nuclear Deterrent In the 21st  Century
Fall 2013 Missile Defenses and Nuclear Arms Reductions:  Moving Deterrence Forward or Backward?
Winter 2013 The Future of US Deterrence in East Asia:  Are Conventional Land-Based IRBMs a Silver Bullet?
Winter 2013 China's Nuclear Weapons and the Prospects for Multilateral Arms Control
Summer 2014 Hedging Nuclear Deterrence:  Reserve Warheads or a Responsive Infrastructure?
Winter 2014 Motivated Reasoning in US-China Deterrence and Reassurance:  Past, Present, and Future
Spring 2015 Busting Myths about Nuclear Deterrence
Spring 2015 Fear and Learning in Tehran:  What Recent Psychological Research Reveals about Nuclear Crises
Spring 2015 Minuteman for the Joint Fight