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DirectorLocated at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery Alabama, the center supports the Air Force mission by providing world-class, multi-disciplined technical training and professional continuing education to Air Force and other Department of Defense (DOD) personnel, as well as international students. The center is composed of five schools: Commanders' Professional Development School, USAF Chaplain Corps College, National Security Space Institute, Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School, and the USAF Personnel Professional Development School.  Each school can be accessed through our drop down menu at the top of the site.


As you can see, we are a diverse organization in terms of our faculty, the functions represented by our schools, and our student population. Eaker Center is an interesting and exciting educational institution with a rich history of excellence. We continue to fulfill our role of providing up-to-date, world-class courses to meet an ever-changing national defense environment. We encourage you to browse through our web pages on a regular basis, something is bound to capture your attention.


Professional continuing education and technical training are critical components for preparing tomorrow’s Airmen to meet the challenges of a volatile and dynamic world environment. The threat to our security has created the need to educate/train our fighting force thoroughly and effectively. Accordingly, Eaker Center courses are targeted to establish, improve, and institutionalize enduring functional competencies. Classroom instruction is supplemented by a select and distinguished cadre of adjunct faculty who are senior leaders and recognized functional experts in the Air Force and DOD.


We look forward to partnering with you as you grow to the next level of financial management and leadership.


Kenneth R. Tatum Jr.

Colonel, USAF Commander

Commander, Ira C. Eaker Center

Ira C. Eaker Center Vision and Mission


The Center of Expertise and Innovation for Professional Development



Provide the highest quality, multi-disciplined professional continuing education and training that drives the future success of the Air Force, DoD, and International students.





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Civilian Cat I - Ms. Carolyn Howard

Civilian Cat II - Mr Billy Stewart

Civilian Cat III - Mr. Kevin Thrash


Contact Eaker Center

525 Chennault Circle

Building 1404

Maxwell AFB, AL


Phone: (334) 953-2864

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Email: Eaker Center


Dean of Academic Affairs

Comm: (334) 953-7058

FAX:  (334) 953-6648

DSN: 493-7058


Contact Schools

Commanders' Professional Development School

Comm: (334) 953-7716

FAX:  (334) 9533472

DSN: 493-7716


USAF Personnel Professional

Development School

Comm: (334) 953-2723

FAX:  (334) 953-3672

DSN: 493-3444


Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School

Comm: (334) 953-6656

FAX:  (334) 953-5739

DSN: 493-6656


Air Force Chaplain Corps College

Comm: (803) 751-9499

FAX:  (803) 751-9002

DSN: 734-9499


National Security Space Institute

Comm: (719) 556-3457

FAX:  (719) 556-3464

DSN:  834-3457


Mission Support Directorate

Comm: (334) 953-7056

DSN:  493-7056

FAX:  (334) 953-6648