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Welcome to the Commanders' Professional Development School, Maxwell AFB, AL. The Commanders' Professional Development School is one of five schools under the Eaker Center for Professional Development.




Prepare attendees for duty as Wing Commanders, Vice Wing Commanders, Group Commanders, Senior Material Leaders, Wing Commander and Vice Wing Commander Spouses, Incident Commanders and Emergency Operations Center Directors; develop, schedule, and conduct tailored courses that help attendees deal with critical leadership and management issues.



The Commanders’ Professional Development School is responsible for conducting CSAF-mandated Wing, Vice Wing, and Group Commander pre-command training; Wing and Vice Wing Commander spouse training, and incident management training through professional continuing education for the Air Force. Yearly, over 1100 students participate in the school's professional continuing education courses at Maxwell AFB, AL and at worldwide locations.  The Commanders’ Professional Development School offers ten courses.



 COURSE #                TITLE

 MLMDC-800              USAF Wing Commanders’ Seminar

 MLMDC-876              USAF Wing Commander Spouses’ Seminar

 MLMDC-871              USAF Maintenance Group Commanders’ Course

 MLMDC-872              USAF Medical Group Commanders’ Course

 MLMDC-810              USAF Mission Support Group Commanders’ Course

 MLMDC-875              USAF Operations Group Commanders’ Course

 MLMDC-874              USAF Senior Material Leader Course

 MLMDC-813              USAF Incident Management Course

 MLMDC-877              USAF Senior Leader Mission Generation Course

 MLMDC-901              USAF Wing Executive-level Response Course



If you are scheduled to attend one of our courses, please contact the Commanders' Professional Development School at: (334) 953-7716/DSN493-7716.




Eaker Center  Annual Awards:


Congratulations to Eaker Center's Annual award recipients:

Civilian Cat I - Ms. Carolyn Howard

Civilian Cat II - Mr Billy Stewart

Civilian Cat III - Mr. Kevin Thrash


Contact Eaker Center

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Building 1404

Maxwell AFB, AL


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Email: Eaker Center


Dean of Academic Affairs

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Commanders' Professional Development School

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USAF Personnel Professional

Development School

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Defense Financial Management and Comptroller School

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Air Force Chaplain Corps College

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National Security Space Institute

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Mission Support Directorate

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