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How to Build and Teach an Effective DL Course

Eaker Center will conduct the second Academic Instructor Distance Learning course from 21 Jul - 1 Aug 14, in Bldg 1404, Rm 176 on Maxwell AFB. Limited seating contact Eaker Center 3-7185.


Contact Eaker Center

525 Chennault Circle

Building 1404

Maxwell AFB, AL


Phone: (334) 953-2864

Fax: (334) 953-2865

Email: Eaker Center


Contact Schools

Commanders' Professional Development School

Comm: (334) 953-7716

FAX:  (334) 9533472

DSN: 493-7716


USAF Personnel Professional

Development School

Comm: (334) 953-2723

FAX:  (334) 953-3672

DSN: 493-3444


Defense Financial Management and Comptrollers

Comm: (334) 953-6656

FAX:  (334) 953-5739

DSN: 493-6656


Air Force Chaplain Corps College

Comm: (803) 751-9499

FAX:  (803) 751-9002

DSN: 734-9499


National Security Space Institute

Comm: (719) 556-3456

FAX:  (719) 556-3464

DSN:  834-3456


Air Force Smart Operations

Comm: (334) 953-9453

DSN:  493-9453


Mission Support Directorate

Comm: (334) 953-7056

DSN:  493-7056

FAX:  (334) 953-6648

Eaker Center Schools & Courses

Commanders' Professional Development School

Colonel Joseph M.Rizzuto, Director

The Commanders’ Professional Development School is responsible for conducting CSAF-mandated Wing, Vice Wing and Group Commander pre-command training, Wing and Vice Wing Commander spouse training, and incident management training through professional continuing education for the Air Force. Yearly, over 1100 students participate in the school's professional continuing education courses at Maxwell AFB, AL and at worldwide locations.


USAF Personnel Professional Development School

Colonel Lee O. Wyatt, Director

The USAF Personnel Professional Development School (AFPPDS), located at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, is responsible for leadership development for the force support career field and supervisory development through professional continuing education for the Air Force. Yearly, over 5,000 students participate in the School's professional continuing education courses. Some exported courses are taught at the customer's location or in a distance learning format. The AFHRMS is developing leaders, managers and supervisors in their core competency skills one student at a time. The school has been in existence since 1965.


Defense Financial Management & Comptoller School (DFM&CS)

Lt Col Louise A. Shumate, Director

The Defense Financial Management & Comptroller School vision is to be the Department of Defense (DoD) center of excellence providing multi-disciplined advanced Financial Management education to support the warfighter. The school’s faculty teaches two courses; The Defense Financial Management Course (DFMC) and the Defense Decision Support Course (DDSC). The DFMC is four weeks, and the DDSC is one week. DDSC is taught both in residence at Maxwell AFB and at the home station of requesting units.


National Security Space Institute (Peterson AFB, CO)

Colonel James M. Forand, Commandant

The National Security Space Institute is the Department of Defense's single focal point for space education and training, complementing existing space education programs at Air University, the Naval Postgraduate School and the Air Force Institute of Technology.


Air Force Chaplain Corps College (Fort Jackson, SC)

Colonel Douglas J. Slater Sr., Commandant

The Air Force Chaplain Corps provides spiritual care and the opportunity for Airmen, their families, and other authorized personnel to exercise their constitutional right to the free exercise of religion. This is accomplished through religious observances, providing pastoral care, and advising leadership on spiritual, ethical, moral, morale, core values, and religious accommodation issues.


Continuous Process Improvement Course

Mr. Steven Green, Course Director

The course is intended to ensure a basic understanding of why, how and when each of the process improvement methodologies should be used. The course will provide a limited approach to the relationships between Lean, Six Sigma and Benchmarking. This course is the bedrock of a more robust process improvement initiative, providing the education required by all potential members of a team charged with process improvement.