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School of Advanced Air and Space Studies
Maxwell Air Force Base Montgomery, Alabama
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USAF Air University: School of Advanced Air and Space Studies


SAASS Curriculum

The SAASS curriculum is designed to accomplish two major objectives. The first is to enhance students' ability to think critically about airpower and warfare through an extensive examination of both theory and historical experience. This examination leads to a reasoned synthesis that informs the question of how modern airpower can be best applied across the entire spectrum of conflict. The second objective is to cultivate students' ability to argue effectively and responsibly about airpower. This objective is accomplished by having students introduce and defend propositions in graduate colloquia, produce interpretive arguments in prose that meet publication standards, and reduce complex formal arguments into comprehensible briefings.

Although graduate colloquia dominate the curriculum, SAASS uses other instructional methodologies as well. These include field studies, practical application exercises, case studies, and guest speakers


SAASS is the most selective of all Air Force schools. Approximately five percent of those eligible to volunteer for SAASS are elected to attend. To become a SAASS student, an officer must: (1) graduate from an intermediate service school or equivalent, (2) be a volunteer, (3) possess a master's degree from an accredited institution or have an undergraduate degree with a GPA of 3.25 or higher, (4) have less than 16 years total active commissioned service, and (5) be selected by the central selection board held at the Air Force Personnel Center.