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Squadron Officer College Blackboard Helpdesk Page

SOC Blackboard Location: SOC.blackboard.com

Residence Students

  • Login/username and password: FIRST.LAST.SOS (unless notified otherwise)

    Example: john.smith.sos
  • In some cases you may have a number after your last name (firstname.lastname1.sos)
  • SOS Distance Learning and LDP Blackboard logins will NOT work for SOS residence course accounts.

Non-residence Students (Two programs, MSOS003 also know as "SOS DL PME Course 22" and Leadership Development Program)

NOTE: Please wait three (3) business days after email notification of Nonresident SOS Program MSOS003 or LDP course enrollment before attempting to login to Blackboard due to system requirements.

MSOS003-Squadron Officer School Distance Learning

      Example: john.smith.au

Leadership Development Program

  • Username: FIRST.MI.LAST.LDP
  •       Example: john.d.smith.ldp

  • Password: Last Name (Upper Case) and Last Four of SSN
  •       Example: SMITH1234

    For password resets, account technical assistance, or administrative issues such as enrollment problems or course extension requests, please visit www.aueducationsupport.com and click on "SOC: SOS and LDP." Check the FAQs or click on "Request Support."

    Last Updated: 21 April 2016