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How to Register for Distance Learning Program (MSOS003)

Registration for Other Student Categories including Civilians, International Officers, and Civil Air Patrol

(Air Force Officers click here to Register)

International officers may refer to AFI 36-2301, Paragraph 11.3 for enrollment criteria and procedures.

Civilians must be employed in the grade of at least GS-9, WS-8, WL-6, WG-12, DCIPS PB 2, or NAF 3/4 or above and must hold a regionally-accredited baccalaureate degree as documented in AFI 36-2301, Table 6.  Additionally, they must have a minimum performance appraisal rating of “fully successful” (AFI 36-2301, paragraph 16.2.1).  

CAP members must be verified by HQ/CAP.  CAP members who hold military rank must meet the military rank requirements. 


To begin the enrollment process, create an Air University Portal Account:

1. Go to the following website: AU Portal
2. Click on “Click here to login or create a new account”
3. Choose one of the two options on the right side under “New User Account:” If you already have an account, login by either using the “CAC Login” or the “Password Login.” If you do not already have an account, create a “New User Account” by clicking on “Use your Common Access Card” (which ties your login to your CAC) or “None of the Above” (which creates username/password access to the portal from any computer).
4.  Click “Create New Account.”

Select the “Use your Common Access Card (CAC)” option:

1.  Under “New User Account,” check “Use your Common Access Card (CAC)” > “Create New Account”
2.  Select "Certificate" and click "OK"
3.  Review the information under “Contact Information” and then click “Save” or “Next” at the bottom


Once your AU Portal account is established, if you are presented with a page with a menu on the left that includes “Distance Learning,” select “Distance Learning”  > SOS DL > AUSIS.  This opens a new browser window with the AUSIS logon page.  Click “Accept” if you accept the disclaimer(s).  If you are presented with a list of courses, click “SOC DL.”  Once you get to an error message or a page with the shields of AU schools, you may log out.  Your enrollment is now in a “paused status” until you email or fax the information requested below to SOS/DL Student Services.

For civilians, you may have an error message appear on your screen.  In spite of these messages, you are logged in to AUSIS.  Click “OK” or “Save” (if available) and you will see five shields, one of which is labeled “Squadron Officer College.”  If “OK or “Save” does not appear, then logout.  If the five shields appear, please click “OK” and log out.

Your enrollment will be in a “paused” status until SOS/DL Student Services receives documentation of eligibility based on the following four criteria (send eligibility documents and the last four digits of your social security number in an encrypted email to "SOC.DCX@us.af.mil." :

      1.     Are a Government employee in the grade of GS-09 or above

      2.     Have been a government employee for at least one year

      3.     Hold a regionally-accredited baccalaureate degree

      4.     Have a minimum performance appraisal rating of “fully successful”

To obtain the information listed above, please follow these instructions:

      1. Log in to the Air Force Portal

      2. Under the top links on the left of the screen select “AFPC Secure Applications”

      3. Select “Civilian Career Brief,” then “Submit”

      4. Select “Current Position Data” and print this page or save electronically

      5. Select “Appointment Information” and print this page or save electronically

      6.Select “Education” and print this page or save electronically

      7.Select “Appraisal” and print this page or save electronically

      8.Select “Exit” to close


Once SOS/DL Student Services receives and processes your documentation, you will receive an email informing you that you are enrolled. Please allow at least three duty days for your username to be created in Blackboard and for you to be enrolled in the first course.  

You can access the program course materials by the method below.


1. Log into AU Portal

2. Click on My Info>Account Info on the left-hand menu.

3. Username will be shown on this page. (NOTE: .au MUST be added to the end of the AU Portal username to use for Blackboard.)


1. Go to the Blackboard log in screen and select Forgot Your Password under the login blocks.

2. Use the username with the .au added or the email used during AU Portal account registration.

It may take up to three duty days after you receive your enrollment email for your account to be established.  If you do not receive an email verifying your enrollment in the SOS DL program after three duty days, please submit a helpdesk ticket through http://www.AUEducationSupport.com > Request Support > Submit a Ticket > Ticket Description > Organization > SOS/DL.

Last Updated: 15 January 2017