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SOS Accompanied Student Spouse Information

Visit SOS Student Spouse Group page on Facebook and ask to join!

Download Accompanied Spouses Guide

Although SOS is not an accompanied TDY, we know many elect to bring their spouse during the course. Because of this, an SOS Student Spouse Orientation is provided to support opportunities for meaningful student spouse activities and enhance their visit to Maxwell Air Force Base and Montgomery.  During week 1, spouses are invited to attend a "Nutshell Night" ice-breaker event to meet other student spouses, SOS faculty, and gain a better understanding of SOS history and mission.  Squadron Officer School is committed to making your stay rewarding and enjoyable by presenting these activities.

Please note that SOS is a time-intensive course; therefore, spouses should expect students to spend a large portion of after-hours and weekend time working on SOS projects. By being flexible, SOS spouses still find time to enjoy each other's company, interact with other accompanied spouses, and have a wonderful time while they are here at SOS.


ONLY TDY students are eligible for primary care at the Maxwell Clinic. Dependents MUST get authorization from your home PCM to receive routine care at Maxwell Clinic. Sick Call is not available for dependents.

Routine, non-emergency care requires authorization from your Home Unit PCM.
Urgent or Emergency Care (Sick Call type event), call the Maxwell Clinic for appointment Authorization Requirements
CONUS base must call PCM for authorization before care
Overseas--no requirement

Can use any local provider
Listing of network providers from the TriCare Service Center Care in MTF will be space available basis only

OB Services
No OB Services Available at Maxwell
If you require prenatal care you must contact your PCM for authorization
To contact your PCM, call the number on the front of your TriCare Prime ID Card


Last Updated: 14 January 2017