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Air War College
Air Force's senior professional military education (PME) school for officers. Each year over 250 colonels and lieutenant colonels attend - from the Air Force and other U.S. military services, equivalent grade civilians from U.S. government agencies, as well as from 45 other nations.
Air Command and Staff College
ACSC is the Air Force's intermediate level officer PME. Each year it has over 600 majors and major-equivalent civilians from the Air Force, other U.S. services, U.S. government agencies, and over 70 other nations.
Squadron Officer College
Squadron Officer College includes Squadron Officer School (SOS) for lieutenants and captains who've had at least one assignment and have some experiences to share.
International Officers School
IOS is the lead-up course to prepare all international officers for attending AWC, ACSC, and SOC. This allows international officers to be able to hit the ground running when integrated into the academic culture with the US officers in individual schools.
Eaker Center for Professional Development
This school supports the Air Force mission by providing world-class, multidisciplined technical training and professional continuing education to Air Force and other Department of Defense (DOD) personnel, as well as international students.
Lemay Center for Doctrine Development and Education
The Lemay Center develops and publishes Air Force doctrine, teaches doctrine through resident and on-line courses, and advocates airpower through visionary wargaming.
The Air Force Judge Advocate General's School
The JAG School goes well beyond the basics and offers timely, relevant courses for all legal professionals including military and civilian attorneys and paralegals.
Air University ShieldThe Intellectual and Leadership Center of the Air Force, the Air University is an accredited military education system that produces the future by developing leaders and warfighters today...for tomorrow. All levels of Airmen, whether enlisted, officer, or civilian, as well as joint and coalition service members, are educated through in-residence or distance-learning courses to meet emerging geo- political challenges faced by the United States and our international partners. Cultivating adaptive, critical thinkers who will generate and disseminate new ideas is crucial to security, both here and abroad. Read More ››
The USAF Public Affairs Center of Excellence is the only organization charged with providing media education and on-camera training during the continuum of an officer, enlisted and civilian's entire career. The objectives of the below lesson plan are for students to understand Public Affairs capabilities, comprehend and value the news media, and apply concepts of effects based operations to developing communications objectives.
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