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  • Air University

    The Intellectual and Leadership Center of the Air Force
    The Air University, with headquarters at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., is a key component of Air Education and Training Command, and is the Air Force's center for professional military education.

  • Air War College

    Air War College
    The goal at the Air War College is important and clear - to develop cross-domain mastery of joint air power and its strategic contributions to national security.

  • Air Command and Staff College

    Air Command & Staff College
    The mission of Air Command & Staff College is on prepare our students to develop, employ, and command air, space and cyberspace power in joint, multinational and interagency operations.

  • Squadron Officer School

    Squadron Officer College
    The mission of Squadron Officer College is to develop Company Grade Officers as leaders of integrity ready to fly, fight and win.

  • International Officer School

    International Officer School
    International Officer School's mission focus is to educate and support international military students and manage Air University's international programs.

  • Welcome Students

    International Officer School
    Our Schools and Academic Centers share a common goal, to develop the best possible leaders at each stage of their careers, ready to lead the Air Force into the future. Want to know how to get started? Check out the students page to receive more information.

  • History of Spaatz Center and The Air University

    History of Spaatz Center & Air University
    Our Schools and Academic Centers have a vital professional education mission, to provide the resources, education, strategies and training to develop and nurture the best leaders possible.


Blue Horizons study (CSAT, AWC, & ACSC) Blue Horizons 2007 was only the beginning of a series of annual long range vision studies which are known collectively as "Blue Horizons." These annual studies serve as an input for the development of Title X wargames, Strategic Planning Guidance, Quadrennial Defense Review scenarios and the development of service requirements. Blue Horizons is overseen by the Air Force Futures Group, and run by the Center for Strategy and Technology. The individual research papers, group technology assessments and briefings given to the Chief and the Air Staff are designed for easy use by staffs at all levels.


Gathering of Eagles (ACSC) The first official Gathering of Eagles (then known as "Great Moments in Aviation History") was held in 1982 when a small faculty and student group was chartered to develop an aviation heritage program. This initial cadre designed a program encouraging the study of aviation history and the contributions of aviation pioneers. Fifteen distinguished aviators were invited to share their unique personal experiences through a series of teaching interviews and social events with members of the class. These legendary figures were a diverse group from many nations and services.


Online Master's Program (OLMP) (ACSC) In April 2006, the Secretary of the Air Force and Air Force Chief of Staff authorized Air University to design, build and launch an online master's degree program. Launched in 2007, this program provides Air Force majors and civilian equivalents an educational opportunity to meet the needs of our service while also accommodating today's high operations tempo. The OLMP has a proven track record, garnering praise from students and instructors alike. Additionally, it has been reviewed and approved by both regional and joint accreditation teams.
Grand Strategy Seminar (GSS) (AWC) Air War College's Grand Strategy Seminar (GSS) is a more intense course of study for 10-15 hand-selected students seeking a deeper understanding of the development and implementation of grand strategy than can be attained through the main AWC curriculum. The seminar examines the historical practice of the strategic art, the challenges of leadership and innovation at the strategic level, the relationship between military instruments of power and national political objectives, and the interplay of global and regional security trends.
National Security Forum (AWC) Each year the Air War College (AWC) hosts the National Security Forum (NSF). The Secretary of the Air Force sponsors the forum. NSF began in 1954 as an expansion of the Civilian Outreach Seminars held from 1947 through 1949. The purpose of the NSF is to expose influential citizens to senior U.S. and international officers and civilian equivalents in order to engage each other's ideas and perspectives on Air Force, national and international security issues. It's an opportunity for the AWC students, our future military leaders, to interact with a broad cross-section of civilian leaders from businesses, universities, industry, media, law, the clergy, and state and local governments.
General Henry H. "Hap" Arnold Lecture Series: A Dialogue with America (AWC) The Air War College Hap Arnold Lecture Series has a stated goal of fostering candid and constructive dialogue on current national security and other public policy issues with civilian educational institutions and professional, public, and government organizations across the nation.
Regional and Cultural Studies (RCS) (AWC) The Regional and Cultural Studies (RCS) course is an integral part of the Air War College curriculum, preparing senior leaders to evaluate the socioeconomic, political, cultural, and security issues within a particular region. To meet the challenges of the Air and Space Expeditionary Force, the RCS course provides students the opportunity to evaluate an area of the world where a unified combatant commander must implement the national military strategy in support of US security policy. The RCS course provides the opportunity for students to gain unique perspectives by studying and visiting one of approximately 13 regions.
International Officer School (IOS) Since 1946, IOS has graduated over 11,000 international officers from over 140 countries, preparing them to attend Air Force schools, mostly Spaatz Center schools.
International Honor Roll Annual induction ceremony to honor Air University (AU) international alumni who have attained prominent positions in their countries: Commander of their Air Force or higher equivalent in either military or civilian capacity. More than 400 have been inducted so far.