Submitting an Article

Contributions to SSQ will explore strategic issues of current and continuing interest to the US Air Force, the larger U.S. defense community, and our international partners. Authors submit scholarly articles, 5,000-15,000 words in Microsoft Word-compatible format, electronically to

When we receive your article, we will send an acknowledgment of receipt. If you do not receive such an acknowledgment, please contact SSQ at DSN 493-7311 or commercial (334) 953-7311. All submissions will be edited in accordance with the standards set forth in the Air University Style and Author Guide, available at

SSQ Review Process.

SSQ operates a three-level peer review process for all articles as follows:
(1) Editor's initial review
(2) Referee/subject matter expert review
(3) Contributing editors' review.

The editor reviews all submissions for relevance, appropriateness, and content. If the article is of sufficient quality to warrant further consideration, it is sent to a referee/subject matter expert for evaluation.

The referee evaluation results in one of three recommendations to the editor: publish, revise and resubmit, or reject. Revised articles and those evaluated as "Publish" are presented to the contributing editors board for peer review. The article may be accepted for publication, further revised, or rejected. All referee and contributing editor evaluations are conducted blind and all feedback is provided to authors via the editor.

At any point in the review process an article can be accepted for publication, returned for revision, or rejected. The editor determines final disposition of any submission. Articles accepted for publication are scheduled for a specific SSQ edition or placed in reserve for use in a subsequent edition.

To check the status of your article or if you have questions concerning our article review and publication process, please contact us at