An Aerospace Nation

John P. Geis, II
Lt Col Peter A Garretson, USAF

The world is again at a place where US leadership can make a difference and where the nationís grand strategy is an aerospace strategy. The recipe for success has not changed: first, have a vision for shaping the aerospace domain, and second, invest in preeminence in aerospace transportation. The future of the United States as an aerospace nation hangs in the balance. We are best as an aerospace nation when our brightest minds, our most innovative industries, and our most critical governmental agencies work together. The future economic prosperity and national security depend on the choices we make now.

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CMSgt John Watson, USAF, Ret 11/20/2015 10:06:30 AM

Excellent article. Unfortunately our national will is now driven by the media and entertainment industries supported by masses of people who take what you are doing for granted. I fear what magnitude of atrocity or attack it may take to reverse course in the minds of voters and the general population.

Gary 11/23/2015 7:29:38 AM

Much of America still believes in creationism and doubts the facts of global warming. This archaic mindset is not conducive of maintaining preeminence in the aerospace arena. Critical governmental agencies are dominated by this mentality. Priority one is to teach truth and reality and face the future with vision not faith. In the course of daily social interaction I hear so many individuals with an unbelievable lack of common sense and knowledge of science and current affairs. Understanding the real world seems unimportant to them.