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  • USAF SAB Report on Domain Integration, Executive Summary and Annotated Brief, by Levis et al, July 2005
    • Warfighters incur significant delays when humans must manually manipulate data to provide direct or cognitive integration of multiple sources of data. Moreover, information is lost or modified in the process such that the original meaning or value is damaged.
    • This study is the third in a series of (coupled) Air Force Scientific Advisory Board (AF SAB) studies. The 2003 AF SAB study “Technology for Machine-to-Machine Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Integration” postulated a construct in which different domains (e.g., signals intelligence (SIGINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT), and measure and signature intelligence (MASINT)), each with its own internal “domain architecture,” became components of a common information architecture to enable information sharing without paying the cost of full pair-wise integration of the component systems. The 2004 AF SAB study “Networking to Enable Coalition Operations” (NECO) proposed a high-level information architecture for addressing combined air operations center (CAOC) needs at the operational level. The NECO study identified the need to revise the security culture to one of “need-to-share” vice “need-to-know,” and to post a metadata tag with information that defined the content, context, and data structure such that rule-based and role-based releasability processes could be implemented.
    • The Domain Integration study was chartered to take the next step – develop a detailed definition of the architecture to enable rapid domain integration, conformant to the NECO requirements.

  • USAF SAB Report on Networking to Enable Coalition Operations, Executive Summary and Annotated Brief, by Schue et al, July 2004

  • USAF SAB Report on Technology for Machine-to-Machine Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Integration, Executive Summary and Annotated Brief, by Dougherty et al, July 2003

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